Process Based Life Cycle Assement Simulation for Vehicle Production

Yu Liu

My research

My name is Yu Liu and I'm a PhD student within IPSI. The current title of my research is: Production Flow Simulation based Life Cycle Assessment. I started my research in May, 2015 and plan on being finished early 2020. This work is partly funded by Volvo Group and will be conducted in close cooperation with them.

Basic Motivations

The European Commission launched Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan and Sustainable Industrial Policy Action Plan, which implies that new, stricter policy measures will be launched in the near future, putting more pressure on the industry. This research project contributes to sustainable development and supports to minimize the environmental impact from production processes.


The purpose of this project is to facilitate the use of Life Cycle Assessment in Production Flow Simulation. It aims to develop a standard process LCA methodology, which can be used to evaluate the environmental impact of production processes in detail. The results from the project can be further applied to help industries to improve the environmental performance of their production activities as well as meet the future legislations.

Supervisors and Mentors

People directly involved in my research are:

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Yu Liu
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