9th IFIP WG 8.1 Working Conference on The Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM) 8 - 10 November, 2016, Skövde, Sweden —

PoEM 2016 Program

NEW: Conference booklet (draft). The booklet also contains maps for the different locations.

November 8, 2016


9:00 - 14:30       Doctoral Consortium    (Utsikten)

12:30 - 14:00      Lunch     (Orangeriet)

15:00 - 18:15      OMI Workshop    (Vänern & Vättern)

19:00      Reception   (Restaurant “Sällskapet”)



November 9, 2016


8:30 – 9:00        Registration ( G Building)

9.00 - 9:15      Welcome  (G111)

9:15-10:15       Keynote  (G111) 

  • Establishing 'Architectural Thinking' in Organizations

                                by Robert Winter

10:15-10:45     Coffee Break

10:45-12:30     Session 1: Decision Making, Motivation and Rationale  (G111)

                                           (chair: Jolita Ralyté)

  • Exploring and Conceptualising Software-based Motivation within Enterprise by Alimohammad Shahri, Mahmood Hosseini, Keith Phalp, Jacqui Taylor and Raian Ali
  • Towards Support for Strategic Decision Processes Using Enterprise Models: A Critical Reconstruction of Strategy Analysis Tools by Alexander Bock, Ulrich Frank, Arne Bergmann and Stefan Strecker
  • Enterprise Modeling as a Decision Making Aid: A Systematic Mapping Study  (short) by Souvik Barat, Vinay Kulkarni, Tony Clark and Balbir Barn
  • Measuring and Visualising Projects' Collective Method Rationale (short) by Fredrik Linander, Kai Wistrand and Fredrik Karlsson


12:30-14:00     Lunch   (Götasalen)


14:00 - 15:20   Session 2a: Fraud, Threats & Competition   (G111)

                                            (chair: Oscar Pastor)

  • Value-Driven Risk Analysis of Coordination Models by Dan Ionita, Jaap Gordijn, Ahmed Seid Yesuf and Roel Wieringa
  • Using Attack-Defense Trees to Analyze Threats and Countermeasures in an ATM: A Case Study (short) by Marlon Fraile, Margaret Ford, Olga Gadyatskaya, Marielle Stoelinga and Rolando Trujillo
  • Scaffolding Stakeholder-centric Enterprise Model Articulation by Stefan Oppl and Stijn Hoppenbrouwers



14:00 - 15:20   Session 2b: Process Modeling   (G110)

                                            (chair: Dimitris Karagiannis)

  • Explorative Survey into Goals, Focus, Experiences and Extent of Enterprise-wide Process Modelling in Practice by Frank Wolff
  • A Textual Description based Approach to Process Matching by Maria Rana, Khurram Shahzad, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab, Henrik Leopold and Umair Babar
  • The Goal-based Selection of the Business Process Modeling Language (short) by Ligita Businska and Marite Kirikova


15:20 - 15:50   Coffee Break


15:50 - 17:00   Session 3: Risk Management   (G111)

                                            (chair: Stijn Hoppenbrouwers)

  • Securing Airline-Turnaround Processes Using Security Risk-oriented Patterns by Silver Samarütel, Raimundas Matulevicius, Alex Norta and Rein Noukas
  • Data Journey Modelling: Predicting Risk for IT Developments by Iliada Eleftheriou, Suzanne M. Embury and Andy Brass
  • An Integrated Conceptual Model for Information System Security Risk Management and Enterprise Architecture Management based on TOGAF (short) by Nicolas Mayer, Jocelyn Aubert, Eric Grandry and Christophe Feltus


18:45                                    Departure to Conference Dinner (bus departs close to "G" building")


19:00                                    Conference Dinner



November 10, 2016


8:30 - 8:45         Registration


8:45 - 10:15     Session 4: Data Models and Reasoning  (G111)

                                            (chair: John Krogstie)

  • A Semi-Automated Method for Capturing Consumer Preferences for System Requirements by Vu Nguyen, Eric-Oluf Svee and Jelena Zdravkovic
  • An Artifact-Based Framework for Business-IT Misalignment Symptom Detection by Dóra Öri
  • Data Model Development for Process Modeling Recommender Systems by Michael Fellmann, Dirk Metzger and Oliver Thomas


10:15 - 10:30   Announcement PoEM 2017 (G111)


10:30 - 10:50   Coffee Break


10:50 - 12:30   Session 5a: Enterprise Architectures and Tools  (G111)

                                            (chair: Jelena Zdravkovic)

  • Strategic Enterprise Architectures by Evellin Cardoso, John Mylopoulos, Alejandro Mate and Juan Trujillo
  • Enterprise 2.0 - Literature Taxonomy and Usage Evaluation by Mayla Alimam, Emmanuel Bertin and Noël Crespi
  • A Toolbox Supporting Agile Modelling Method Engineering: Modelling Method Conceptualization Environment (short) by Nesat Efendioglu, Robert Woitsch and Wilfrid Utz
  • Towards a Classication Framework for Approaches to Enterprise Architecture Analysis (short) by Birger Lantow, Dierk Jugel, Matthias Wiotzki, Benjamin Lehmann, Ole Zimmermann and Kurt Sandkuhl


10:50 - 12:30   Session 5b: Exploration and Reflection   (G110)

                                            (chair: Janis Stirna)

  • Enterprise Modelling for the Masses - From Elitist Discipline to Common Practice by Kurt Sandkuhl, Hans-Georg Fill, Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, John Krogstie, Andreas Leue, Florian Matthes, Andreas Opdahl, Gerhard Schwabe, Omer Uludag and Robert Winter
  • Causes and Consequences of Application Portfolio Complexity – An Exploratory Study by Pouya Aleatrati Khosroshahi, Jannis Beese, Florian Matthes and Robert Winter
  • The Value of Enterprise Modelling: Towards a Service-centric Perspective (short) by Martin Benkenstein, Michael Fellmann, Michael Leyer and Kurt Sandkuhl
  • Separation of Modeling Principles and Design Principles in Enterprise Engineering (short) by Tetsuya Suga, Peter De Bruyn, Philip Huysmans, Jan Verelst and Herwig Mannaert


12:30-14:00     Lunch  (Götasalen)


14:00 - 15:30   Session 6: Modeling Frameworks  (G111)

                                            (chair: Marite Kirikova)

  • Coopetition with Frenemies: Towards Modeling of Simultaneous Cooperation and Competition Among Enterprises by Vik Pant and Eric Yu
  • Defining the Responsibility Space for the Information Systems Evolution Steering by Jolita Ralyté, Wanda Opprecht and Michel Léonard
  • Modeling Organizational Capabilities on a Strategic Level by Janis Stirna, Jelena Zdravkovic, Martin Henkel, Pericles Loucopoulos and Christina Stratigaki


15:30 - 16:00 Farewell  (G111)





Important Dates / Deadline

Abstract submission: July 8th
Paper submission: July 15th
Acceptance notification: August 28th
Conference: November 8-10th