Library Spotlight

We welcome both new and old students to a new academic year!

At the library you can read textbooks, search for information, meet friends and of course study. We have a lot of group study rooms and computer workstations. Some group rooms are bookable through our website.

As a student you can access to the wireless network eduroam. Use the university's self-help guides to find information about how to do that. 

Are you a new student?

Look for the library introduction in your schedule. The introduction contains important information you will need to succeed in your university studies.

We look forward to see you!
The Librarians at the University Library

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Library opening hours 


How to get a library card


Book a group study room


Information about course literature


How to search for articles and books


IT Helpdesk

(if you have questions about for example the wireless network, computer log in, printing)

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Currently you cannot use the "Search Block" for searching the Library's holdings of books. Use the Library catalogue to search our holdings.