Recycling at the University


It is now possible to recycle at the University and thus reduce the negative environmental impact and contribute to a better environment and future. The recycling initiative is part of the University's sustainability policy (2012/587-111).

There are some 70 recycling units placed at strategic locations on campus and students, employees and visitors are asked to recycle the following materials:

• Batteries
• Can recycling (returnable containers)
• Combustible (“to be burnt”)
• Corrugated (cardboard)
• Glass coloured and colourless (receptacles)
• Metal packaging
• Paper packaging
• Paper recycling (waste paper for recycling)
• Plastic packaging

Recycling instruction

Food composting is not available at present. This is due to logistical issues and initially food scraps, fruit-peels etc. should be discarded in the combustible (“to be burnt”) compartment.

The University's cleaning service provider will collect the discarded items from the recycling unit. Another service provider is then responsible for removal and recycling.