Scholarship Results

UHR SCHOLARSHIP results for the Spring 2019 admission round.

Congratulations to the new scholarship recipients!

We have received 432 scholarship applications for the spring 2019. The deadline for application was on 1 September 2018.

Eight candidates were selected for a UHR scholarship grant on 18 October 2018. One candidate (waiting list) was selected for a UHR scholarship grant on 24 October 2018.

The list of UHR Scholarship recipients

No names are listed, only application numbers and programme.

Notification of Selection Results on University Admissions: 18 October 2018

UHR SCHOLARSHIP – spring 2019

Application Number Master's Programme
11166810 Bioinformatics
11171522 Bioinformatics
11171533 Bioinformatics
11174581 Bioinformatics
11176841 Bioinformatics
11177541 Bioinformatics
11177941 Bioinformatics
11189123 Bioinformatics
Waiting list
11156548 Bioinformatics

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