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A selection of frequently asked questions gathered from all support and service contacts at the University of Skövde.


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QuestionDo I have to pay tuition fee?

Students with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA or Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees for studies in Sweden. Please consult University Admissions to find out more application and tuition fees, and if you are required to pay them.

QuestionHow do I pay my tuition?

You will receive an invoice to the e-mail address you used in your application at universityadmissions.se. Payment is made with bank wire transfer to the University’s bank account stated on the invoice. You need to state your invoice number when making the payment.

QuestionCan I pay the tuition fee with a credit card?

No. You pay the tuition fee through bank wire transfer to the University’s bank account stated on the invoice. You need to state your invoice number when making the payment.

QuestionHow do I know the payment has gone through?

A confirmation of your payment will be sent to you via e-mail from the University of Skövde. 

QuestionWhat happens if I do not pay the tuition fee on time?

If you do not pay the first instalment, you will lose your study seat at the University of Skövde. If you do not pay any future instalment, you will be suspended until the payment is made.

QuestionDo I need to pay the tuition fee if I do not pass my courses?

Yes. The instalments must be paid before every semester in accordance to the invoice, regardless if you meet the requirements to continue to the courses in the coming semesters or not. 

QuestionDo I have to pay additional tuition fee for courses I need to retake?

No. You do not need to pay for the same course again even if you need to retake it. 

QuestionCan I pay the tuition fee in one instalment?

Yes, it is possible.  



QuestionAre there scholarships available?

The University of Skövde offers scholarships to students attending a master's programme at our university. The scholarships consist of tuition fee waivers of 62,500 SEK per year (50% of the tuition fee), and the amount is deducted from the tuition fee when you receive the invoice. The scholarships are competitive, and granted on the basis of academic merit. The scholarships can only be awarded to tuition paying students . Please note that you must be able to finance the rest of the tuition fee yourself, and to cover all living expenses during your stay in Sweden. More information here.

QuestionAre there scholarships available from sources other than the University?

You can also apply for other types of scholarships, such as the Swedish Institute (SI)’s scholarships. To find out if you can apply for this scholarship and for more information about SI's scholarships, please contact the Swedish Institute directly.

QuestionWhy do I have to answer whether or not I am planning on staying in Sweden or another EEA country?

Your answer does not affect the possibility of being granted a scholarship. The reason why we ask you this question is only for statistical reasons. As the University of Skövde receives scholarship money from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), the University has to send an annual report to the UHR with countries of origin of the applicants and the total amount of the scholarships. We never inform UHR on an individual basis. They never receive the names of the students, only how many students per country. We also have to inform the UHR about the answers to the question about students’ intentions to stay at the time of their application for a scholarship. This has to do with the Swedish Government’s statistics to calculate the Swedish foreign aid budget.

Residence permit


QuestionWhat are the requirements to be granted a residence permit for studies?

To be granted a residence permit for studies, you must:
- Be admitted to full-time studies
- Have comprehensive health insurance that covers the entire period you are in Sweden
- Be able to support yourself for the planned period (the support requirement is at present a minimum of 8,010 SEK per month)
- Have a valid passport
For detailed information about visas, please  go to the Swedish Migration Board website.

QuestionCan I apply for a residence permit after I arrive in Sweden?

No, your residence permit must be entered into your passport before your arrival in Sweden. Your arrival date must not be earlier than the date on your residence permit. You can either apply through the Swedish Embassy or consulate in your home country (domicile) or submit an online application directly to the Swedish Migration Board. 

QuestionDo I have to pay for my residence permit?

You may be required to pay an application fee.

QuestionI am from an EU/EEA country. Do I need a residence permit?

No, instead you need to register your right of residence. This you can do after your arrival in Sweden during the University of Skövde's Introduction Programme.

Student life


QuestionHow is the study year divided in Sweden?

A study year at the University of Skövde usually starts at the end of August and ends at the beginning of June. There are two breaks – one over Christmas and the other over Easter.

QuestionHow are the points (credits) calculated?

Full-time students at Swedish universities give 60 ECTS credits (points) per year (or 30 ECTS credits per semester).

QuestionWhat are the facilities for the students at the University like?

The University is open until midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and closes slightly earlier on Fridays and Saturdays. We have many labs designated for student groups with special equipment needs. The school also has a good library with good reading facilities and a very good selection of books and journals. Furthermore, if you run into problems with your studies, a special study support center will aid you with your needs, including language, computer usage, study techniques, etc.

QuestionWhere can I live?

You will find information about accommodation here.

QuestionWhat is the town of Skövde like?

Skövde is a municipality with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. You can get more information about Skövde on the official municipal website.

QuestionCan I study Swedish?

Yes, we offer several courses in Swedish that you can study in parallel with your normal studies.

QuestionCan I bring my children to Sweden?

Yes, if you can prove to the Swedish Migration Board that you can provide for your children as well. See the Migration Board website for more information.

QuestionCan I get daycare for my children?

Everyone in Sweden has the right to 15 hours of daycare per week. For the child to receive full-time daycare, both parents must be working or studying. If this condition is met, daycare placement is usually not a problem.

QuestionCan I bring my wife/husband to Sweden?

Yes, if you can prove to the Swedish Migration Board that you can provide for your spouse as well. See the Migration Board website for more information.


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