Scientific Methodology and Communication for Informatics, Post-graduate level, 7,5 ECTS, IT918F

The course is aimed for graduate students who need to discuss, plan, execute, report and critically review research studies from various fields using scientific literature. After the course, the participants can identify, select and use research methods that systematically support their approaches to solve complex research problems and communicate the results, with focus on discussing solving complex problems and using combined methods. Communication is done with the aim to understand and apply requirements for publication in scientific journals.

There are many complex research problems to be investigated and questions to be answered within the field of Informatics. Reliable and valid answers to the questions require systematic studies grounded in scientific theories by using scientific methodologies. For each step, from the research questions to the answers it is a need for arguing for applied approaches, priorities and assessments.

Course start
Mode of teaching
spring -18 w.03
  • Course coordinator: Jeremy Rose
  • Examiner: Yacine Atif
  • Application code: HS-FF105
  • Prerequisites: In order to fulfil the specific entry requirements, the applicant must have completed academic courses of at least 60 credits, including independent thesis writing of at least 15 credits at advanced level, within the field Informatics, applicable areas of a similar kind or other fields which are judged as directly relevant for the licentiate or PhD thesis. In addition upper secondary course English B, or the equivalent, is required.
  • Course plan with course literature: Course plan in English, Course plan in Swedish
  • Start semester: spring -18
  • Pace of study: 25%
  • Start week - end week: w.03 - w.22
  • When: Day
  • Language: The teaching is conducted in English.
  • Place: Skövde
  • Course code: IT918F
  • Note:
  • Implementing:
  • Course type Freestanding course
  • Mode of teaching Campus
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