Machine Elements G2F, 6 credits, MT507G

The course Machine Element includes the elements that physically build up things which we find in our daily life. For example, on a bike there are a clutch strap that holds the steering wheel and saddle in place, screw that holds the wheels in place, bearings that allow the wheels to spin, brakes to stop. Everything must be held for repeated loads, i.e. structure must be designed to sustain cyclic loads. The course gives you a basic understanding of how the most common machine elements work and how they can be used. Dimensioning of screws, springs, bearings and brakes belongs to some of the central parts in the course.

Course start
Mode of teaching
autumn -19 w.40
  • Course coordinator: Ulf Stigh
  • Examiner: Niclas Strand
  • Application code: HS-E4186
  • Prerequisites: Prerequisite courses for this course are: passed MT302G-Strength of Materials I G1F and passed MT345G-Strength of Materials II G1F and MT347G-Strength of Materials III G1F and FY303G-Mechanics III G1F and MT341G-Engineering Materials I G1F (or the equivalent).
  • Course plan with course literature: Course plan in English, Course plan in Swedish
  • Start semester: autumn -19
  • Pace of study: 50%
  • Start week - end week: w.40 - w.47
  • When: Day
  • Language: The teaching is conducted in English.
  • Place: Skövde
  • Course code: MT507G
  • Note:
  • Implementing:
  • Course type
  • Mode of teaching Campus
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