Social media

Participating in social media is second nature to us. We strive to be open, accessible, and to create engagement around the issues that are important to our activities. We want to be where you are, and encourage you to communicate with us.

We have chosen to prioritize our social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we answer your questions and have an open dialogue with anyone who wants to join in.


The University of Skövde has a number of Facebook pages:

  • Our main University Facebook page (in Swedish) is a page for those who are considering, planning to, or already studying at the University of Skövde. Feel free to ask any questions about what to study, what it takes to be admitted, accommodation, leisure activities, or student life. You can also find tips and advice from teachers and students.
  • We also have an English-language Facebook page, which is directed more at our international students and visitors.


You can find our English-language University account here: Twitter


You can find our feed here: Instagram


The University of Skövde is also present on LinkedIn, particular for University alumni.


The University of Skövde has its own YouTube channel, where you can enjoy film clips with information about our study programmes, our student projects, research reports, and more.

Logos of Social media channels