Production and Automation Engineering

Swedish industry is facing fierce competition and high customer demands on a global market. Efficient development of both products and production systems is required in order to deal with this situation. The use of IT-tools is getting more and more important. Swedish industry holds a frontline position in this respect. The research area Production and Automation Engineering is an area that is continuously developing at a high pace and that is of profound relevance to industry. Problems from for instance mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science and project management are united in an interdisciplinary research area.

Research within  Production and Automation Engineering concentrates on the development of the next generation of industrial production systems. Special emphasis is placed on the use of different kinds of simulation tools during the development process and the operation phase of a production system. Working methods and organization related to the use of simulation tools have in recent years emerged as important research topics. Current research topics include simulation-based multi-objective optimisation and simulation-based conceptual design of production facilities. Examples of multi-objective optimisation include balancing environmental aspects such as energy efficiency in manufacturing against production costs and delivery times.

We are a Preferred Research Partner under the Volvo Group Academic Partner Program in the area of Virtual Manufacturing.

The group applies simulation and other production engineering tools in a number of other areas, such as healthcare system design and operation, as well as in transport and service sectors. 

Produktion och automation