Overview of ORIOS

Many organisations are currently restricted in their choice of software because of restrictions imposed by existing systems. There is a lack of interoperability and a risk of technological lock-in. The use of Open Standards and Open Source Reference Implementations can reduce the risk of organisational lock-in, improve interoperability and stimulate innovation.

An overarching goal of this project is to improve understanding within organisations of Open Standards, Open Source Reference Implementations, and the ecosystems around them. This will be done by developing a reference model of necessary and desirable features of an Open Standard, and how Open Standards and their implementations can be utilised by small companies in different usage contexts.

We will conduct an action case study within the Swedish commercial organisations Findwise AB, PrimeKey Solutions AB and RedBridge AB, in order to evolve the reference model. This will be complemented with qualitative and quantitative analyses of ecosystems around Open Standards that are relevant in the different usage contexts. Company partners will benefit from the project in terms of improved competitiveness on the market, and new opportunities for collaboration. The academic partner will benefit from the project in terms of strengthening both research in the area and strategically important study programmes. The project will span over 36 months, with project start in April 2012. The project is financially supported by the Knowledge Foundation, the companies, and the University of Skövde.

For further information, please contact Björn Lundell (bjorn.lundell[at]his.se).