Available seats

Would you like to study abroad? There are seats left so you can still apply for the autumn semester 2018.

On the February 1 the spare seat round opened up. The University's exchange seats are available on our partner webpage “Move On”. Here you can look for the alternatives that suit you.

When should you apply?
The nominations to the waiting list number is ongoing with the principle “first come first served”, as long as it is possible in relation to the partner university’s deadline for applications. You can contact utlandsstudier@his.se if you have any questions.

How is the nomination for waiting list number made?
The first person to send in their application and who is also qualified, will be nominated if there are any seats left according to the ranking that has been made.

Available options for the autumn semester of 2018:
There are still many available options, excepts for the ones listed below.

Not available options for the autumn semester of 2018:

  • All options in the U.S 
  • University of Limerick  - Irleand (IT agreement + Psychology agreement) 
  • Howest, University College West Flanders - Belgien (IT agreement) 
  • More universities might be added to this list 

Who is qualified to apply?

  • You must be registered for full-time studies (30 credits / semester) at the University of Skövde and have at least one semester of studies completed by the time you apply.  
  • You must have been registered for at least two consecutive semesters from application date to when you go abroad.
  • You must have passed at least 22.5 credits / semester in average at the University of Skövde. 
  • You should have good knowledge of the language used in the program at the host university.