Study with disabilities

If you are a student, or a prospective student, with some kind of disability, you have the right to high quality education and a good study environment. At the University, we have a coordinator for students with disabilities, whom you are welcome to contact in order to discuss any needs you may have for specific pedagogical support.

What counts as a disability?

Disabilities include physical, psychological and neuropsychiatric disabilities, but also specific reading and writing disabilities, such as dyslexia. Note that you must be able to validate your disability with a certificate, from a doctor, psychologist or similar.

Applying for support

In order to receive the support we offer, you must make a request through a system called Nais. You will need to attach a certificate confirming a permanent disability to the application.

Once your application is received you will be contacted by our coordinator to arrange a personal meeting. The processing time for an application is up to 4 weeks so apply well in advance before you need the support. Please also send an email to and announce that an application has been made. Would you prefer to make an appointment first, and submit the application afterwards you can just send an email to

Make your application by clicking here. You will be directed to the website Nais.