International Office

At the International Office the International Coordinators have the responsibility for the development of new exchange agreements as well as the administration of the existing exchange agreements with universities around the world. This work is as well closely coupled with the international tasks at each school within the university.

At the moment the University of Skövde has more than 80 partner universities in over 30 countries. Exchange students going to a partner university can study without paying any tuition fees. The international coordinators at the International Office can help you when you have questions regarding exchange agreements or other academic agreements between the university and foreign institutions and organisations. 

The University also works with European programmes such as Erasmus and Nordplus are vital to us. Other programmes such as SIDA-financed exchanges and projects and activities arranged through Linnaeus-Palme are important for the development of our internationalization. The University of Skövde is also a member of the Erasmus Mundus network Lamenitec and Science without Borders in Brasil.

The international coordinators can be reached at If you have questions regarding admissions or the application processes, please contact the Admissions Office. If you have questions regarding courses and course content, please contact the teacher in charge of the course/programme or the student and career counsellors.

Staff International office


Sofia Maier (maternity leave)
International Co-ordinator
International Office
Phone: +46-500-448021