Kristina Carlén

Kristina Carlén

Lecturer in Public Health Science

School of Health and Education

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I have a background with care in infectious disease working as a nurse for many years. I've always had an interest in health promotion and prevention of ill health. The practical work as a nurse has involved anticipating, preventing and protecting various conditions, from pregnant women to elderly people with different infections. I am a qualified school nurse and also a district nurse and have a master's degree in nursing.

I work at the University of Skövde as a teacher in public health courses for nurses, school nurses, health coaches, public health specialists and in independent courses. Public health is an area that affects people throughout their lives, from pregnant mothers, parents, children, teenagers, middle-aged to elderly people. There are various arenas to work with, where the school is an important arena for early interventions that can affect children and young people throughout their lives. Existential health is an area of my interest as it affects health in a fundamental way with a physical, mental and social dimension.

There are several important research projects involving public health perspectives in which I actively participate, such as Hälsoträffen, where the aim is for the individual to find a sustainable change of lifestyle associated with obesity. Elderly health, genes and lifestyle is another project which aims to find out if there are correlations between genes, lifestyle, perceived health and aging.

I have been privileged to become the program manager in the new Master's degree program in Public Health Science: Infectious Diseases and Infection Control, 60hp, which is planned to start HT in 2016.

Kristina Carlén