Paul Hemeren

Head of School/Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science

School of Informatics

Contact info

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  • Ph.D. Cognitive Science, Lund University
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Hope College, USA


Hemeren, P. E. (2008). Mind in Action: Action Representation and the Perception of Biological Motion. Lund University Cognitive Studies 140, Lund University, Sweden. [ISBN 978-91-977380-2-6] [Abstract] [complete dissertation: pdf]

Section Chair

Gamma Section: Cognitive Science, Information systems and Software Systems

Current Research Projects

  1. URBanIST: Detecting the intentions of cyclists in traffic

[Swedish title] Uppmärksamhet hos bilförare i möte med oskyddade trafikanter

(As principal investigator) The purpose of this project is to determine the information that drivers attend to when they detect and predict the behavior of cyclists in traffic situations. We use recorded realistic traffic situations and ask observers to predict the actions of cyclists. We also measure driver responses in traffic situations in a driving simulator evnironment.

Logotyp LänsförsäkringarThis project is financed ($125K, 875tkr) by the research division of the Swedish insurance company: Länsförsäkringsbolagens forskningsfond AB.


(As principal investigator) This project includes Mikael Johannesson, Mikael Lebram, Fredrik Eriksson and Kristoffer Ekman. It is a continuation of the research on obtaining a model of driver attention for the signals that characterize the behavior of cyclists in traffic situations such as crossing at crosswalks. The financing is for 1 million Swedish Crowns (approx. 150,000 USD and will continue through 2013.


DREAM: Development of Robot-Enhanced herapy for children with AutisM spectrum disorders

An EC-funded (7th Framework Programme) research project, DREAM, which will design and evaluate therapeutic robots for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Project duration: March 2014-September 2018


Intro to Cognitive Science
Kognitionsvetenskap - introduktion, 7,5 hp

Research Perspectives in Cognitive Science
Kognitionsvetenskap - forskningsperspektiv, 7,5 hp

Cognitive Psychology
Kognitiva förmågor, 7,5 hp

Quantitative Methods and Statistics
Kognitionsvetenskap - kvantitativa metoder, 7,5 hp

Professional Membership

  • Member of the Cognitive Science Society
  • Member of 3rd European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics.
  • Member of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association
  • Member of the Association for Psychological Science
  • Member of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology

Review Work

  • Cognitive Computation
  • Acta Psychologica
  • Topics in Cognitive Science
  • PLoS ONE
  • Vision Research
  • Consciousness and Cognition
  • Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society