Sandra Karlsson

Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine

School of Health and Education

Contact info

  • Room
  • G2513

Research interest

"Expression analysis of Genes involved in the Development of Adenocarcinomas in a rat model of Human Endometrial Cancer" -The research project aims to identify pathways of gene interaction during cancer development on both the genomic and the translational levels in a rat model of human endometrial adenocarcinoma.By means of cDNA microarrays, weare performinggene expression profiling(in collaboration with Swegene DNA Microarray Resource Centre). Furthermore, in the microarray analysis we also compare expression patterns in endometrial neoplasiaat different stages.The genomic analysisin the projectis performed by Fredrik Trossö and involvesCGH-microarrays.


Besides my research, I'm also busy with teachingin several courses at our department. Some of the courses are:

  • Tumour Biology
  • Human Genetics
  • General Biomedicine
  • Genomics
  • ExperimentalDesign
  • Project works in biomedicine
  • Supervisorof honour studentsin biomedicine
  • Program director of the international one year master programin Biomedicine

Other activities

  • Member of the Committee ofCoordinated Research Studies at University of Skövde (2005-2006).
  • PhD student representative in the department board (2005).
  • Chairman of the PhD student association at Schoolof Life Sciences, University of Skövde(2005).
  • PhD student representative in the board of the research school in genomics andbioinformatics (2005/2006).
  • PhD student representative inFUN (faculty board)atUniversity of Skövde (2006-2007).
  • PhDstudent representative in theboard of research and higher education at University of Skövde (2006-2007).
  • PhD student representative in "Rådet för docentprövning" (2007)