Torbjörn Svensson

Torbjörn Svensson

Lecturer in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration

School of Informatics

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About Torbjörn

Torbjörn Svensson is a PhD student at the School of informatics, University of Skövde, Sweden, and a member of the research group MTEC, Media, Technology and Culture. He is currently doing his PhD studies in a research project called Level Up, focusing on the use of gamification and game technology to increase young citizens (16-39) consumption and re-distribution of news. 

Torbjörn was previously working within the subject of Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration connected to the computer game development programs at School of Informatics. He was program coordinator for Computer game development Game Writing together with Marcus Toftedahl from its start 2012 until december 2015.

Torbjörn has formerly been program coordinator for Media studies and Documentary media production programs.

Research interests


Project manager and lead designer for the iPad game The Mystery of St:Elin during spring 2013. The game is a research platform to study knowledge transfer with digital games. Can you, as a youngster (8-12 years old) understand a city's development and growth through participation in a location based pervasive game. In the game you are to help Elin, 13 years old, to complete tasks at 5 different locations in central Skövde.

Published papers and conference presentations



Research Proposal - september 2016
The research proposal titled Engagement from Interactability was presented at a seminar in the Scientific Seminar series at University of Skövde. Readers for the paper was Associate Professor and director of MTEC research group Lissa Holloway Attaway  and senior lecturer in cognitive science Tarja Susi. If you are interested you can contact me for a .pdf file of the Research Proposal

Presentation at the doctoral consortium POCG2016 Malta
I presented and got feedback from Olli Tapio Leino (Assistant Professor, Univ. of Hong Kong) and Ivan Callus (Professor, Univ. of Malta) and fellow presenters on my thoughts about the term interactable and interactability at the doctoral consortium of the 10th Philosophy of Computer Games conference in Malta 30th oct - 4th nov 2016.



Gamification, möjligheter och problemområden inom teknik och innehåll (Gamification, possibilities and problems.) Presentation at the seminar "Om inkluderande arbete, interaktiv design och effektmål utifrån utställningsprojektet "Det ligger i tiden". (About interactive design and effect in the exhibition It´s about time.) 
11-12 February 2015, the regional museum in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Kan dataspel göra oss klokare? Spelteknologi, nyhetsmedier och kulturarv (Can computer games make us wiser. Game technology, news media and cultural heritage). Presented together with associate professor Jonas Ingvarsson at MEG2015, National news media symposium, Göteborg Media Days 5-6 March 2015.


Co-author to article

Alvarez Diaz, M, Svensson, T, Toftedahl M, 2014 The Mystery of Elin. Incorporating a City Cultural Program on History and Heritage into a Pervasive Game Interactive Entertainment conference '14, Dec 2 – Dec 3 2014, Newcastle, AU, Australia.

Conference presentation

Uncanny motion portraits, presentation at the international, interdisciplinary conference Gothic and Uncanny Explorations. University of Karlstad 10-12 September 2014

Selected courses taught

Digital Culture, 7,5 ECTS
Experimental Game Narratives, 15ECTS
Game Narratives, 7,5 ECTS

Academic record

MA in film studies

Lund university, Lund, Sweden 2006
The Big Lebowski: The narrative, the narration and the narrator
Full text in Swedish

Publication page at Lunds university

BA in film studies

University of Skövde, 1994
Machine Man – Creation and creations in film
Contact for a Swedish version.


Torbjörn Svensson