Senior Lecturer in Music

The position refers to the area of Music, which at the University of Skövde is defined as the study of music from a theoretic, practical, creative, technical and business perspective.

Application deadline: April 7th 2017
Reference number: HS 2017/20

The University of Skövde has nearly 550 students studying computer game development at different educational levels, approximately 50 teachers and researchers, and at Gothia Science Park there are about 20 computer games companies that employ around 140 developers and a dozen business developers within the Game Incubator. Sweden has a prominent position in the world regarding computer games and Skövde offers a unique and geographically concentrated growth environment for game development. In total, well over 700 people are connected to the computer games business in the area around the University of Skövde and Gothia Science Park, where Sweden Game Arena works as a common platform.

The University is currently expanding, with an increased number of student applications, new projects and a growing innovative faculty. Applicants for this position are expected to have a drive for actively developing the area of Music, both at a research and teaching level. The applicant will contribute to further development of our study programs and to the research within the School of Informatics, particularly to the area of Music and Computer Game development in sound/music, (180 hp). The position also includes teaching related to the Masters programs in Digital Narration: Game and Cultural Heritage and Serious Games and to research in the Media, Technology and Culture (MTEC) group. The research is conducted from a contemporary as well as a historical perspective, and is connected to areas such as game development, game studies, cultural heritage inclusive games, as well as sound and music for interactive media, experimental composition and performance.

The position includes research and teaching within the area of Music, development of this subject, and supervision of students within the field of computer games development. The position also contains administration connected to these tasks. Additional assignments might be included in the position. Employees of Swedish governmental agencies have well-regulated work hours, vacation and parental leave benefits, pension agreements etc. For example, all employees have more paid vacation days per year than the statutory 25 (amount is age-dependent).

Qualification Requirements

The qualification requirements are:

  • PhD in Music or other applicable subjects, or the equivalent scientific qualifications, or other professional skills, which are of interest with respect to the subject matter and to the tasks included in the position
  • documented pedagogical proficiency
  • ability to teach in Swedish or/and English and grade student work in Swedish
  • active as a composer/arranger/sounddesigner and conducts research in Music
  • experienced in teaching at higher level in Music Theory and Music Analysis.

Base of evaluation

In addition to the qualification requirements, the bases of evaluation for this position are:

  • Degree of proficiency that is required for the employment (see the qualification requirements).
  • Certificate of completed training in teaching and learning in higher education (15 ECTS) or demonstration of equivalent education.
  • Documented experience of professional music, sound and media production.
  • Documented experience in teaching Music in higher education, or equivalent.
  • Documented ability to contribute and lead organizational development.
  • Documented scientific qualifications.
  • Good administrative proficiency.
  • Good ability to establish relationships and networks and to collaborate effectively.

For this position special emphasis will be placed upon proven scientific proficiency.

The applicant will be required to do a trial lecture and/or an interview.

The University of Skövde strives towards ethnical and cultural diversity and equal gender distribution within all employment categories. As the majority of the employees in the subject area are men, the University especially invites women to apply for this position.

The position is a full time (100 %) permanent employment. The University applies a probationary period of 6 months.


Information about the positions

Ann-Britt Werner, Assistant Head of Division
Lars Bröndum, Subject representative

Managing HR-specialist

Hanna Carlsson
Human Resources Office

Union information

Anders Johansson, SACO-s
Sonja Nohlgren, ST
Helen Jern, Swedish Teacher's Union

These persons may be reached through the Universitys switchboard 0046-(0)500-448000.

Your application

Your application must be marked with the reference number and provided to the Registrar, University of Skövde, Box 408, SE-541 28 Skövde, Sweden or by e-mail to no later than the application deadline.

The application must be submitted with an attested list of qualifications, certificate of degree, a brief written account of scientific, pedagogical and other activities (including future work plans and development within respective activity), work referred to, no more than five scientific publications (a minimum of two published during the last three years) and no more than five work intended for documenting the pedagogical proficiency including a list of (all) publications. Information about employment at the University is provided in our Terms of Employment (Anställningsordning). All documents must be submitted in three sets (in three identical folders) that may be provided to expert evaluators without further treatment. (Documents should – to the extent possible – be in English which enables evaluations by foreign experts.)

According to the regulations of the National Archives the University is obliged to keep application documents for two years after the appointment of the position. Applicant requesting documents to be returned will have them returned after the two years, otherwise they will be eliminated.