Dan Högberg

Dan Högberg

Professor integrerad prod.utv.

Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap


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Leader of the User Centred Product Design research group.

Research interest

Consideration of products' ergonomic qualities is important for successful product development where ergonomics (human factors) is one of many components that product designers need to consider. However, not seldom there are cooperation issues between designers and ergonomists, e.g. difficulties for designers in utilising ergonomics information as well as problems for ergonomists in contributing to the design process. Still there is a shared request for enhanced ergonomics input.

One aim of the research is to assist in making ergonomics information relevant and easily available to designers, and to improve communication patterns between ergonomists and designers. Product designers would benefit from a design methodology and design tools that facilitates the consideration of ergonomics along with other product requirements in the complex time and budget constrained design reality. This call may be remedied in a variety of ways and it is unlikely that there is one cure-all method that would suit all types of product development settings. Central in my research is the argument of digital human modelling (DHM) tools' contribution in supporting designers to consider ergonomics in the design process.


Dan Högberg