Off Season Art Gardening

The project Off Season Art Gardening aim to contribute to, and create, an art gallery in different common outdoor spaces in three countries.

We are working with art outdoor installations around the theme garden with an all year-round experience as an important component. The artists that are part of this project gets the chance to be filled with inspiration, knowledge and a great possibility to grow and develop during the projects different parts. The citizens will experience new cultural feature in their cities and they will have the possibilities to join and listen to lectures. There will be three Artists in Residence Weeks during the project time 2018-08 – 2021-04. One in each project partner countries: the Netherlands, Sweden and Lithuania.

KASTiS project leader is contributing to Off Season Art Gardening with lectures and workshops as parts of the Artists in Residence Weeks. Giving examples of how digital technology can be used in a sustainable way, in varying forms of storytelling, in a context of localized and site specific art projects. The aim is to give the participating artists insights into how digital media can be utilized to create a media-conscious locative narrative and an engaging experience of art.

The project is done with fundings from EU Creative Europe together with Mariestad municipality, the University of Skövde, the organization Sense of Place in the Netherlands and Ukmerge municipality in Lithuania. This project is a step in developing and strenghten international networks of competencies and artists who actively work with the rural areas' inherent conditions for creating a sustainable, competitive and attractive rural community development.

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