Automated Improvement Analysis of Production Systems

Jacob Bernedixen

Disputation: 2018-06-08
Handledare: Amos Ng m.fl.
Företagspartner: Volvo Car Corporation
Opponent: Magnus Viktorsson, KTH, Stockholm Sweden
Pressmeddelande: Ny metod hjälper till att ta bort flaskhalsar i industrin

My research

My name is Jacob Bernedixen and I’m a PhD student within IPSI. The current title of my research is: Production systems analysis and decision support using simulation based multi-objective optimization. The analysis of production systems will focus on ways in which the performance of the production system can be increased and the decision support part of it will help in selecting the best improvement(s). I started my research in the end of 2012 and plan on being finished early 2017. This work is partly funded by Volvo Cars and will be conducted in close cooperation with them.

Basic Motivations

The global market that most manufacturing companies are operating in is extremely competitive. Their production systems are faced with challenges such as an increasing number of product changes at the same time as the lead-time between these changes is shortened. In addition the fierce competition also demands that money spent on investments and on running the production is reduced. Therefore enhancements of manufacturing operations serve a vital part in keeping up with the competition. Pinpointing the correct improvement actions and in which order they should be carried out is crucial. Reduction of cycle times, increases in availability, and quality are some examples of such improvement actions. In determining the correct actions it is also important to consider the level and robustness of the needed improvement. Selection of the most appropriate improvement(s) should also be based on the economic implications they have on the organization.


The overall aim of this research is to enable efficient improvement of the performance of real-world or future complex production systems. This is to be done by the exploration and validation of new, more effective and accurate methods of pinpointing areas within the production system that restrain its performance. The hypothesis behind this aim is that existing methods for pinpointing such areas fall short of suggesting any accurate improvement actions, especially when dealing with complex real-world production systems.

Supervisors and Mentors

People directly involved in my research are:


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Contact info

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