NSA Hack Event 2019

Evenemang,Högskolan i Skövde,Studiesocialt,Samverkan

Tid: 2019-03-22 17:00 - 2019-03-23 11:00
Plats: Högskolan i Skövde, building D, D105 and NSA's computerlab second floor.

The competition is a collaboration between the University of Skövde and the University of Howest. Sponsoring and taking part of the event are the companies InExchange, ATEA, Dialect and, Silverspin. Helping out during the event is Studentnätet Högskolan i Skövde (SHS). The competition will take place in both Skövde and Howest at the same time, same rules and problems on both sites. At the competition start a web url will be released that points out a file archive containing problems, riddles and other clues for your team to figure out and solve. Each problem results in a text string which your team can report into a web based scoring system (https://scoreboard.nsa.his.se). Each correctly entered text string will give you team an amount of points reflecting the difficulty of the task. The team which have gathered the most points at each site after 18 hours wins the competition at that campus. The winning teams in Skövde gets to pick from the prices provided by our sponsors.

For who

If you are a student at an university (at least 50%) or are a ”gymnasieelev”, then you can be part of a team. The problems in the competition will be of a mixed subjects. Example problems from former years are Sudoku puzzles, meta information from images, hashed passwords, programing challenges.

A team

A team consists of 2-4 members and registers to participate here.

Last date to register was the 8:th of March.


The competition starts on the Friday the 22th of March from 17:00 and last until 11:00 next day.

Registration fee

None, our sponsors takes care of that.


Not only fame and glory, but the winning team in Skövde will be the first one to pick one of the following prices:

  • Giftcard of 13.337 SEK in a webbstore, sponsrad av InExchange
  • Tech product sponsored by ATEA

Silverspin will also make sure that all participants get a cool NSA Hack t-shirt.


We will provide for the contenders during the event. There will be pizza (and alternative) on the Friday night courtesy of Dialect. They will also provide breakfast Saturday morning and other snacks during the night. We will make sure that there is coffee and other drinkable liquids during the whole event.


The competition takes place in NSA’s lab, which is located on the second floor of the D-building. Each team will be provided with four network connected computers. You will also be able to connect your own personal computer to the network during the event.

D-Building map

Things to bring along

We recommend that you bring the following stuff to the competition day:

  • Laptop/computer with tools that you might need:
    • Port scanners (like nmap)
    • SSH, telnet, and clients for other obscure protocol
    • Hex editors, texteditors, tools for picture analyses
    • Forensics tools
    • Matlab/Python or other program for advanced math calculations
    • Password cracking tools
    • Pen and paper
    • Google skills
    • Team mascot, e.g. a stuffed animal
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