2017: Redesign of retro van for city tours

By Estela González Albea in collaboration with The South Factory GR (HURTAN)


This project treats the process and result of redesigning a van for being used in city tours, with the goal to get a convertible van with retro styling design. The main objectives of the project are to design the structure of a convertible van through a prototype as well as the layout of its interior elements, with the aim of getting a safe, resistant and dynamic vehicle for tourists.

To carry out this project, a design strategy was follow. The methods selected were both creative and rational methods which are complemented in the different aspects of a systematic approach to design, covering all issues of the process. After diverse phases of preliminary studies, generation and selection of concepts, a final design for the van was obtained. Also, a design specification was performed with a view to evaluate the different possible solutions.

Finally, the vehicle is a convertible van with retro aesthetics and has a capacity of approximately 13 users. In addition, this van provides accessibility for a wheel-chair user. The convertible van offers a new way for tourists to explore cities during visits to any city with a more innovative and attracting aesthetics than the typical red bus for city tours.

With a view to create and show final results, the vehicle was redesigned and modelled in SolidWorks 3D CAD software. As soon as the final design was obtained with all elements needed, a series of photorealistic renderings were carried out.

3D Rendering of van

3D Rendering of van