2017: Design of a set of stool and table with a sustainable approach by using DFA and DFE principles

By Alejandro Guil López & Isabel María Guerrero Valadez in collaboration with Carlos Jiménez Design

The aim of this project was to design and present a set of furniture consisting in a high stool and a high chair of a similar nature to the ones which are usually found in bars, oriented to the domestic environment and to the Scandinavian market.
The main special characteristic of this project is that the design has been carried out with a focus on environmental sustainability, which has been approached in such a way that assembly has a big part in it, which at the same time relates to user experience. Therefore, the project combines design for assembly (DFA), design for environment (DFE) and user experience design (UXD) in such a way that all the approaches taken for each of these factors are interrelated in complete and thorough design process, were all the aspects of the final product have been considered.

The mission was to create a set of flat-pack furniture that can be assembled easily by the final user and has an environmental sustainability approach, which will be deeply related with the absence of screws and other joining elements and the materials used, as well as the production process and packaging.
Also, ensure that the set fulfills the market standards for stability, strength and durability, paying special attention to the ergonomics factors in order to create a product that unifies Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Environment (DFE), and User Experience Design (UXD).

The project yielded a tangible and satisfactory result that could be taken to production. The result is a set that is intuitive and easy to assemble, minimizing material usage and favoring reusable and down-cyclable materials.
The final product was completely finished, including CAD files, specifications, and a rough prototype.

Cad rendering
CAD rendering of the set

assembly of stool
assembly of table
Assembly of stool and table

The full report can be found at http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:his:diva-13790

A prototype of the chair

Sketches of the assembly

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