2019: Furniture design within an existing line of products focused on CAD modelling

Alexis Cohen Laizerowitch and Alejandro Gómez Reyes in collaboration with J.Design in Stockholm.

Nowadays, the progressive evolution of technology has led to Computer Aided Design (CAD) playing a major role in design and influencing the way that design project teams work. Widely, designers have adopted CAD as the means to graphically model their ideas, being an essential work tool for them.
The purpose of this project is applying and evaluating CAD and different tools related to the field of 3D design throughout the whole design development phase, looking for its limitations, advantages, drawbacks and time investment. This is demonstrated through the development of two pieces of furniture, a dining table and a bed frame. These pieces of furniture belong to a defined line of products stated by existing clients (Ahst.room and Carpe Diem Beds Company) via a collaborating design agency (J.Design).
CAD modelling is set as the key tool during the whole design process, and it allows designing these products by focusing on functionality in coherence with the visual expression.

Design of the dining table A.Sym 05.

Design of the bed frame Visingsö

The development of both products was achieved after evaluating and selecting from other several concepts that were also evolving throughout the design development phase, thanks to the application of CAD and its surrounding tools. CAD has helped as a tool to evaluate technically the product that it was being created, being also the means to present it with photo-realistic images through the use of the rendering tool.