PICS (Privacy Information and Cyber-Security) Center

PICS is a platform for joint activities in the areas of Privacy, Information and Cyber Security at the University of Skövde.


A leading centre nationally and a recognized centre internationally in the comprehensive area of Privacy, Information and Cyber Security. PICS is part of an innovation system performing excellent research and useful results in collaboration with academic and industrial partners. PICS strength is to combine expertise from the University of Skövde and its existing research teams and partners, to meet major research challenges and capture the big picture, rather than working in isolated groups. 

Research Themes

Below, are some of PICS research themes

  • Crisis Management
  • Resilience
  • Cloud
  • Law, regulations and standards
  • Information Security Management
  • Information Classification
  • Risk Management
  • Analysis and Assessment
  • Security culture - awareness
  • Patient safety and patient privacy
  • System Development
  • Privacy by Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Visualization
  • Analytics


  • Critical infrastructures
  • Automotive industry
  • Finance and banks
  • Manufacturing
  • Cloud and Access management
  • Education and awareness

Current projects and partners

  • Disclosure risk and transparency in big data privacy (VR 2016-03346) 2017-2020. Principal investigator: V. Torra.
  • Non-cryptographic secure and private data management in Multiclouds (Sec-MCloud) (TIN2016-80250-R) (Spanish Ministry of Education). Principal investigator: M. Bras-Amoros. Member at HiS: Klara Stokes
  • Threat modeling and resilience of critical infrastructures (EU / ISF) 2017-2020. Project manager: Jianguo Ding.
  • CCRAAAFFFTING - Resilience & Critical infrastructure protection (MSB). Project manager: Joeri van Laere
  • LISAK - County administrative boards’ ability to support and coordinate information security in municipalities (MSB). Project manager: Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt

Privacy and security in cloud


Rose Mharie Åhlfeldt


Participating Teams

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