Copyright and Reproduction

You will undoubtedly need to copy an article from a journal or a part of a book at some point during your studies. Maybe you will find material on the Internet which you intend to quote or use otherwise.

Copying and sharing material is regulated by the Copyright Act and the agreement that the University has reached with the copyright organization Bonus Copyright Access.

It is your responsibility to be acquainted with the applicable rules.

Below you will find brief information about copyright issues that you are likely to encounter, as well as information on the University Agreement. If you have any questions about the current rules, don’t hesitate to ask the library staff who will try to help you.

Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works

The Swedish Copyright Act regulates the rights of authors, composers, artists and other creators to make decisions about how their artistic and literary works may be used.

According to 12 § of the Copyright Act you are allowed to make one or a few copies of an article or a publication of lesser extent. Copying from a book of normal size such as a textbook is restricted to a limited part of the book. There is no exact definition of what is meant by “limited part” though a reasonable interpretation is that it applies to a minor part of the work and not as much as half or even close to half of a book.

The University Agreement

The University of Skövde has reached an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access. The so called University Agreement regulates how educational materials may be copied.

The agreement is valid for both teachers and students. Questions dealt with in the agreement include the extent to which a publication may be copied for teaching purposes and how the copies may be used and distributed.

You will find a summary of the current rules adjacent to all printers and copying machines on campus.


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