Searching Literature within Research Methods

If you are doing research or investigating something on your own you will likely need to use one or several research methods for data collection and analysis.

Teachers and literature lists can often provide you with suggestions of useful literature within specific research methodologies.

If you have a specific research method book in mind you can search the library catalogue to check if it is available and where it is shelved.

Searching Research Method Books in the Library Catalogue

If you want to search for suitable literature within a specific research method you can use the library catalogue.

Enter “research method” in the search field and select the Subject button below the search field and perform your search. This will render a list of method books, both general and specific, within different subjects.

If you combine “research method” with another search term, for example “nursing”, you will find research literature within this specific subject. Please note that in this case you should use the alternative “Freetext” in the catalogue. Enter both terms.

If you are looking for literature within a specific research method, for example the qualitative method, you should use this as a search term.

See also above! Examples of other search terms might be:

Quantitative method, Interviewing techniques, Questionnaire method, Evaluation method.

If you are looking for or are familiar with a specific research method or theory such as for example Regression analysis, Focus groups, Discourse analysis or Phenomenology, you can search for these terms in the library catalogue.

Select the “subject” button to perform this kind of search.

Method Books in the Library

There are specific sections of the library which deal mainly with method literature.

Below you will find some sections which might be useful for searching within methodology:

001.42   Research methods
150.72   Psychological research
300.72   Social science research
370.72   Pedagogical research
371.3      Pedagogical/teaching methodology
610.73072   Nursing research


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