Searching review articles

A review article describes, analyses, summarises and evaluates published research within a subject area. This kind of article can be found in books as well as in scientific journals.

Research overview

A review article does not present the results of an individual study. It does, however, describe, analyse and summarise published research within a delimited subject area. A review article gives you a good picture of what research looks like within a subject area.

Review articles provide good entrance points for finding references to original articles/empirical studies. Unlike review articles, original articles present the results of new research for the first time. Read more about scientific material.

Review articles are published in scientific journals, but also in reports and some types of books.

In books

Review articles can be found in books with titles such as

  • Annual review of ...
  • Handbook of ...
  • Research in ...
  • Advances in ...

and you can search for them in the library catalogue.

In scientific journals and reports

Select suitable databases under subject areas in the database list. When you search, you can combine your subject terms or search terms with

  • literature review
  • review

You can also search Google Scholar. You can also try LIBRIS and SwePub to find more material, mainly published in Sweden (but, when it comes to scientific reports and journal articles, to a significant extent written in English).


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