Study Support Center

The Study Support Center is a resource center for all students at the University of Skövde. You are welcome to us to talk about writing academic texts and writing references etc. in English or in Swedish.

The Study Support Center is located to the left of the Information Desk at the University Library. Here you can sit and work alone or in a group. Feel free to sit down and read for a while on our comfortable sofas.

The Study Support Center offers:

Language support

Academic writing is to a large extent about expressing yourself as clearly and precisely as possible. At the Study Support Center, you can get personal feedback on a text that you have written and get advice on how you should think regarding structure, style, and language.

We suggest that you come to the Study Support Center already during your first year of university studies. Good skills in expressing yourself in writing will be useful throughout your time as a student and, of course, also in your future professional life.

Writing references

The Study Support Center gives you guidance and information on writing references. On the pages for writing references, there are manuals for different style guides.

What the Study Support Center does not offer:

The Study Support Center does not write, translate, or copy edit/proofread texts. Neither do we explain course literature content. We do not decide whether a text will pass or not. You alone are fully responsible for your text.


Opening hours - Study Support Center 

Monday 10:00-12:30, 13:15-16:30
Tuesday 13:00-16:30
Wednesday 13:00-16:30
Thursday 10:00-12:30, 13:15-16:30

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