Study environment

The library, including the two computer labs and the Study Support Center, is a work- and study environment for the university students, staff and other visitors. There are group study rooms, individual study places and a silent reading room to meet all different needs for study environments.

Study places in the library

In the library there are different types of study places.

  • Individual study places for reading and working with a private computer
  • Work stations with desktops.
  • Study areas with sofas.
  • Södra rummet (“The Southern room”) with computer work stations suitable for group work.
  • Two small computer labs for work in pairs or in groups.
  • A silent room with study tables.
  • A silent room with lounge seating.
  • Group study rooms of different sizes with whiteboards.
  • Four group study rooms with a large screen (where a computer or other mobile device can be connected).
  • A resource room with two computers with software to support students with dyslexia.

The library’s group study rooms

There are sixteen group study rooms in the library, ten of which can be booked in advance in the booking system.

  • The study rooms are designated for groups. Single users, don't forget our silent rooms.
  • To make a reservation, you must use your university mail, e.g.
  • The confirmation e-mail must be sent within 30 minutes of your reservation.
  • Avoid using your full name as your nick name.
  • Bookings are made on an hourly basis.
  • You can only book three hours per day, and six hours per week.
  • You can't book further ahead than two weeks.
  • If a room is unused after 20 minutes, any group can claim the room for that hour.
  • Please cancel your booking if you don’t need the room.

The Study Support Center

The Study Support Center is located in the library. Here you can get support for writing academic texts (Swedish language), study techniques and computer usage. Opening hours and more information (in Swedish).

Room for journals, newspapers and magazines

In the room for academic journals, newpapers and magazines on the entrance floor, there is also an area for studying.

Library rules

The library is a workplace for university students and staff as well as for other visitors.

  • Make sure that you are not disturbing other people by talking too loudly. Please set your mobile phone to silent mode.
  • Library items must be handled carefully. It is not allowed to make notes and underline words in library books.
  • Hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages and cold snacks are allowed in the library. For hot meals you must use student areas in other university buildings.
  • Dispose your garbage in the recycling bins provided.
  • The furniture of the library has been carefully arranged. If you move something, please put it back in its place.
  • The computers of the library may only be used according to the ethical rules of SUNET (in Swedish).
  • Do not open the windows, this will affect the ventilation system.

To keep a good study and work environment we ask you to please let us know if something needs fixing. 

Disciplinary measures

Anyone who breaks the library rules or misbehaves may be suspended from the library.

Library opening hours

Monday-Thursday 08.00-20.00
Friday 08.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Detailed information, irregular opening hours 


Phone: +46-(0)500-448060
Visiting address: Högskolevägen 4

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