Complex Storyworlds and Mind-Reading Fans

Externwebb kalender,Öppna föreläsningar

Time: 9/12/2019 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Room G111, G-building, University of Skövde

Open invitation to the first academic autumn seminar at the Department of Game Development, University of Skövde. Our first invited speaker is Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, Associate Professor of English at the Department of Language Studies, Umeå University. Maria has published extensively within the field of fan studies and is co-author of Fanged Fan Fiction: Variations on Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries (2013). Her current research focuses on cognition and storyworld construction in speculative fiction.

Complex Storyworlds and Mind-Reading Fans

A storyworld is a mental construct evoked in the mind of an audience member through a cluster of texts, a single text, or a narrative detail, contingent on this individual negotiating and filling in the gaps each narrative necessarily contains. In the first part of the presentation, I address how Justin Cronin’s post-apocalyptic novel The Passage (2010) introduces complexities in the reader’s storyworld construction through fragmentation and temporal shifts, the collapse and reconstitution of cultural knowledge, and through how various text types contribute to a destabilization of narrative authority. In the second part, I shift focus to how fan fictions can be seen as illustrations of particular mind-reading processes, and how fanfics expand what I term an “archontic storyworld.”

You are all very welcome, this is a must see especially for game writers!

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