International visitors from University of Malaga, Spain

Time: 6/25/2019 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Utsikten, Portalen, University of Skövde

Two international visitors from University of Malaga are going to talk about their university and research on the 25th of June.

Resilience Engineering: a New Paradigm on Safety

Resilience Engineering is a new safety paradigm being studied at the Department of Economics and Business Management of the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Malaga. It is related to the way duties are normally performed in something that is subject to variability, and since change is necessary to achieve success it should not be restricted. People in this complex context are continuously making adjustments to the original design, enabling them to achieve success, but occasionally accidents also arise due to an incomplete analysis of the current conditions. Thus, linear, simple or complex causation models do not reflect the ongoing reality, which is essentially non-linear, besides being complex. The accident "emerges" from normality, due to concurrent events that "resonate", and are not "caused" by a simple chain of errors. Therefore, new tools (as FRAM) are required to analyse accidents and indicators to monitor processes, even though most simple incidents continue to be dealt with in the usual manner.

Speaker: Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero

Manufacturing Engineering: Teaching and Research at University of Malaga

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering (University of Malaga, Spain) offers a wide range of subjects to students, in different Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, to improve their knowledge and skills in the main manufacturing processes (casting, powder metallurgy, plastic deformation, machining, additive manufacturing, polymers and composites forming, among others). In addition, PhD students and researchers have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the research group of "Manufacturing Engineering". This Group has a wide experience in the field of machining of light alloys. Currently, they are working in the analysis of the cutting parameters influence on surface integrity of structural parts for aircrafts, in close collaboration with companies in the aeronautical sector, such as AIRBUS.

Speaker: Fco. Javier Trujillo Vilches

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