Sweden Game Conference 2019


Time: 10/16/2019 1:00 PM - 10/18/2019 5:00 PM
Location: Arena Skövde

October 16-18, the tenth Sweden Game Conference will be held in Arena Skövde. Today, the conference is one of Sweden's largest conferences for professionals and students in the field of computer games development. This year's theme is "Sustainability and Games".

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Today we often hear about the importance of sustainable development, particularly with technology. But what does this mean in terms of games? How do we balance the needs and demands of our current game markets and cultures to create a robust and dynamic future for all of our key 'players' across industry, education, politics, and society?
At Sweden Game Conference 2019, we will explore the topic of Sustainability and Games and consider many important questions:

  • What opportunities do games offer developers to be future-oriented and to anticipate the needs and demands of emerging technologies and markets, both globally and locally?
  • How might we design and develop games to include relevant themes for sustainability: environmental threats, climate change, inequality, peace and justice, globalization, radical political movements, social activism, poverty and hunger, immigration?
  • As we consider the future, how might we be more inclusive in our game content, but also in our industries and educations? What must change now to secure the future of games? Who (and what) is at the margins of gaming, and how can we shift them to the center? Whom should we educate and how?

At Arena Skövde

The venue for the conference is once again Arena Skövde, and in addition to the amazing Talks and Panels from our Speakers, the conference will also offer Business Matchmaking, an Expo, an Award Dinner and an Official Party!

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