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Welcoming of new international students


This week we welcome new international students to the spring semester at the University of Skövde. The students come mostly from Asia, the USA and Europe.

Multimillion investment in sepsis research at the University by the Knowledge Foundation


A research project at the University of Skövde devoted to future sepsis diagnostics has been awarded SEK 2.6 million by the Knowledge Foundation. "This is great news, and it means so much for our continued ability to conduct research as we can now build upon the earlier results from our sepsis research", says Anna-Karin Pernestig, researcher and Senior Lecturer in Bioscience.

Skövde students win Sweden’s biggest game awards


On 1 December, the Swedish Game Awards were held as part of Dreamhack at Elmia in Jönköping. As in many previous years, students from the University of Skövde were nominated in several of the categories. In the Best Diversity Execution category, for example, all four of the nominated games were created by students at Skövde.

Kävrestad’s book wins SISA award


Congratulations to Joakim Kävrestad, Lecturer in Information Technology at the University of Skövde, who has won the 2019 SISA Educational Award for his textbook.

High androgen levels during pregnancy increase the risk of PCOS for several generations


Daughters of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are five times more likely to be diagnosed with PCOS as adults, and the generational transmission is driven by high androgen levels during pregnancy, researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden report. Their results, which are based on register-based and clinical studies as well as transgenerational animal studies, are published in Nature Medicine.

Focus on bioprinting for Skövde researcher in Canada


Jonas Christoffersson is a postdoc in Bioinformatics at the University of Skövde and is currently working in Canada. Working together with a team of researchers in Vancouver, Jonas is using a cell-cultivation technology called bioprinting in order to create and construct tissue for a heart.

University’s research wins awards at American Heart Scientific Sessions


The University of Skövde's research has received two awards at the American Heart Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia. At their conference, research conducted by us together with colleagues in Nepal received two awards.

Donna Day – national meeting for female game developers


The University of Skövde and Sweden Game Conference celebrates women in game development. On October 15 and 16, the DONNA network welcomes over 50 gamedev students to workshops, lectures and round tables with very special guests, such as Åsa Roos, lead UX designer at BioWare and honorary lecturer at the University of Skövde.

Award for research about human robot collaboration


Wei Wang, Associate Senior Lecturer in Automation Engineering at the University of Skövde, has been awarded the Best Paper Award in ICMR 2019 conference in Belfast. – I feel proud, he says.

Warm welcoming of 200 new international students


On Monday, August 26, the new semester started for all new international students at the University of Skövde. This year, about 200 new international students are beginning their studies during the autumn semester – significantly more than last year.

Successful cooperation between Swedish and Chinese students


For the first time, the University of Skövde has given a summer course in game development together with two Chinese universities. In just a few weeks, this cooperation has resulted in several games. On Thursday morning, a closing ceremony was held at the University.

Research project on mobile intergrated care receives 2.8 million


Mobile integrated care is a care model developed in Skaraborg, and it has become a national role model. In the research project "Mobile integrated care in Skaraborg", researchers will study how patients and family members experience mobile home care. The project was awarded a research grant of 2.8 million from the Kamprad Family Foundation.

Global Swede Award to Ahmed Mohamed


Ahmed Mohamed from Egypt is studying the final semester of the Master's programme in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Skövde. Yesterday, he was in Stockholm to receive the Global Swede Award during a formal ceremony.

Warm welcoming of inclusive game


A game that is playable for everyone, designed in a way that even visually impaired can play it. That is the concept behind the game app "Frequency Missing", developed at the University of Skövde. The game was first launched in Swedish. From the summer of 2018, there is also an English version that has been very well received.

New Pilot Study Within the Project Smartdiagnos


Now the Smartdiagnos instruments POC and LAB for rapid sepsis diagnostics are installed in the molecular lab in Skövde. A pilot study on whole blood will be performed now in May.

Brain Marker for Angry Dreams


Researchers have identified a pattern of brain activity that reflects anger experienced during dreaming, according to a new study of healthy adults published in The Journal of Neuroscience. The research helps clarify the neural basis of dream emotions.

Research on biological diversity receives grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has issued a grant to Senior Lecturer in Ecology Annie Jonsson at the University of Skövde for 4.8 million Swedish kronor for her project "Landscape biodiversity capacity: a tool for measuring, monitoring and managing". The project will study maintaining and increasing nature's biological diversity, over a three-year period.

What does a smart city of the future look like?


IPSI, the industrial research school at the University of Skövde, had the pleasure of hosting Professor Enrique Alba of the University of Málaga. For half a day, Professor Alba spoke about the importance of developing new, smart systems that are focus on both the individual and the city.

Tortalk – text-to-speech available for students and employees at University of Skövde


TorTalk lets you listen to all text you can see on your computer screen. The text-to-speech application is now available for download for students and employees at the University of Skövde.

Indoor walking – a potential for enhanced interplay with Alzheimer´s patients


With the tool “Let´s have a walk” it is possible to take an indoor walk, and at the same time get the feeling of grass or snow under one´s feet. The tool has been tested on seniors in Skövde, among other places, during the autumn. It is developed by the Latvian designer Lasma Kondrate, who wanted to find something to do together with her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

Finnish seniors tested prototypes


A magic mirror, custom handles, an assistant robot and indoor walking on snow and grass. These were some of the prototypes tested during the BaltSeanior field tests in Finland, where the University of Skövde participated.

One Step Towards the Game that Adjusts to Your Emotions


Researchers at the University of Skövde have “trained” a neural network that can detect the emotional state of a person playing a computer game with the help of an ordinary web camera. This might open up for a future where computer games adjust themselves to the emotional state of the gamer.

AI Can Solve Challenges in the Steel Industry in a New Research Project


The University of Skövde, Sandvik, and SSAB are involved in a new research project, with financial support from the Knowledge Foundation and support from the Swedish steel producers' association Jernkontoret. The project includes comprehensive production data analyses that are unique for the field. These analyses will hopefully show new cause-and-effect relationships – which can lead to more efficient and sustainable steelmaking processes.

Gaming and Politics in Focus for this Year's Sweden Game Conference


What does gaming and politics have in common? A lot! It is time for one of Sweden's largest gaming conferences and exhibitions in Skövde – Sweden Game Conference. This year's theme is "Games and Politics".

New Honorary Doctors Lecture on the Importance of a True World Image


The New Honorary Doctors of the University of Skövde, Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Ola Rosling, have been awarded their honorary doctorates at the University of Skövde.

The Mexican Ambassador to Sweden Impressed by University Innovation


Last week, the University of Skövde hosted a visit by the Mexican ambassador Agustín Gasca Pliego. – I am impressed to see that a municipality with 50,000 citizens is able to offer a University of this size and opportunities.

Personality differences between the sexes are largest in the most gender equal countries


The self-rated personalities of men and women differ more in more gender equal countries, according to recent research from the University of Gothenburg, University West and the University of Skövde.

Hanna is the student who makes the Pride Parade happen


For the longest time, it looked as if this year's Skövde Pride would be cancelled. Fortunately, Hanna Forsling, a student at the Univesity of Skövde, wanted that to change.

New findings on the muscle disease Laing early-onset distal myopathy


New avenues are now being opened for future treatment of Laing distal myopathy, a rare disorder that causes muscles in the feet, hands and elsewhere to atrophy. In a study published in the journal PNAS, researchers have identified an enzyme with a clear link to how the disease develops.

University of Skövde - French Etienne's first choice


The university's gaming research stands out and gets attention from western France. When Etienne, a student of engineering, was looking for a traineeship, his choice fell on the University of Skövde and the research in the field of Serious Games.

Skövde-based researcher invited as expert to EU


The University of Skövde has conducted successful research in open source software and open standards. EU is investigating these fields and Björn Lundell, Professor of Computer Science, has been invited to Brussels as an expert.

New instruments for blood poisoning save lives


The progression of sepsis, or blood poisoning, is very quick. A person's condition can become life threatening in just a few hours. Today, blood culture is the method used to diagnose sepsis, and it normally takes around 48 hours to get the results. But by using new instruments for diagnosing, the goal of the the EU-project SMARTDIAGNOS is to reduce that time significantly. And thereby save lives. The project participants have met in Skövde.

Fall semester begins for international students


On Monday, the international students at the University of Skövde start their fall studies. 150 students from all over the world have gathered in their new home town of Skövde. Ready for the adventures ahead.

Happier dreams in a peaceful mind


A new study by researchers from the University of Turku, Finland and the University of Skövde, Sweden shows that people with more peace of mind in the waking state have more positive dreams, whereas those with more anxiety in the waking state have more negative dreams. This means that dream experiences, as revealed in recalled and reported dreams, may reflect a person’s mental health.

Ambassador visits University of Skövde


On Wednesday, the University of Skövde hosted a visit by the Ethiopian ambassador, Professor Merga Bekana. The programme included a presentation of the University and the present collaboration with Addis Abeba University.

New collaboration with American university


In a new collaboration with the University of Illinois, College of Medicine, in Rockford, IL, American medical students will get an opportunity to learn more about the Swedish welfare system with focus on healthcare. In the future, there are also plans for opportunities to travel westward for nursing school students, teachers and researchers from the University of Skövde to exchange experiences. The program is being launched right now.

University of Skövde announces new honorary doctors: Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has called their book Factfulness one of the most important books of our times. And the book is at the top of the sales charts in Sweden. The authors and founders of the Gapminder Foundation, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund are appointed Honorary Doctors of Informatics of the University of Skövde.

New Research May Lead to Faster Product Development


When developing new products there are usually an array of specifications to be met. For example, maximum measurements, weight, and shape. The challenge is often how to optimize one specification without compromising another. Until now. Through his research and model, Kaveh Amouzgar has found a way of combining virtual simulations and calculations to find the best solution.

New Method Can Reduce Maintenance Costs by 40 percent


Industry production can be complicated and many factors are in play, for example, when some machines stop working. But a better decision support system, where multiple sources of information are taken into account, can make a difference when summing up the costs. In his PhD dissertation in Information Technology at the University of Skövde, Bernard Schmidt has studied a model that can lead to reductions in maintenance costs.

Sergey Redyuk is Global Swede 2018


Sergey Redyuk, student of Master’s programme in Data Science, is University of Skövde’s Global Swede for 2018. The annual recognition of Global Swede is a joint initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swedish Institute. This is the eighth year this recognition is awarded.

The European Week in Focus at the University of Skövde


During May 5 - 9, Skövde Municipality joins in on the European Week. During the week, the international students at the University of Skövde will visit several schools and other places for meetings across national borders.

Gaming Students and Researchers Going to China


Just a few years ago, gaming was an interest of a select group in the world’s largest country. But with the arrival of the cell phone in combination with a change of attitude, China has quickly become one of the world’s largest gaming markets. Chinese gaming companies as well as universities, once isolated from the rest of the world, are beginning to look to the western gaming culture for sharing and exchange.

Sitting comfortably?


Researchers at the University of Skövde work in close collaboration with the vehicle industry to develop a software that assists design engineers to improve physical ergonomics in cars and trucks. The project is called Virtual Driver Ergonomics.

Yohannes Will Teach Mathematics Abroad


Imagine having the world as your work place, and you are able to do what you enjoy the most? For Yohannes Tadesse Aklilu, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the School of Engineering Science at the University of Skövde, this is not a pipe dream, but his reality. Next stop Rwanda.

Researcher from Skövde Keynote Speaker at UN Conference


Why do some businesses and organizations survive and evolve through crises, while others fold? This question is asked by Stefan Tengblad, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Skövde, in his recent book The Organizational Resilience Framework. And now, one of the most important organizations in the world wants to hear from Stefan. In March, Stefan has been invited to the UN in New York as a keynote speaker.

A journey of personal growth


The step from Skövde to Pune, a city of five million in west of India, can seem far. But despite the long distance, the collaboration between the University of Skövde and D.Y Patil University (DPU) is close. Just back from Pune is Helena Enroth, professor of molecular biology, boosted with new ideas.

RESEARCH: previously unknown genetic variation causes deformation among newborns


Recently a team of researchers, led by the University of Skövde, discovered a previously unknown genetic variation that causes so called Arthrogryposis AMC, deformation amongst newborns. They found a change in the DNA of a specific gene, which causes a severe form of arthrogryposis AMC, related to the more commonly known group of maladies dystonia*.

Student association wants to environmentally enlight and inspire


Ida Winter is a third year student at the programme Bioscience - Biological Resources and Sustainable Development. Just before the summer, Ida and four other students started the association NATRIX, where Ida is now president. It is an association for students with the purpose of spreading knowledge about sustainable development and environmental issues. The association now has 50 members and is a subordination to the Student Union at the University of Skövde.

Introduction for our International Students


On the 21st of August the University of Skövde had the pleasure to welcome 180 International Students.

Three Master students received the Swedish Institute's diploma


Our Master students Abdelhamid Yousef, Belinda Priscilla Achieng and Joseph Kirangwa received the Swedish Institute's diploma at the City Hall in Stockholm last Friday.

Changed opening hours 25-26 May


During Ascension Day several of the University´s functions have changed opening hours.

Global Swede Award to Luis Alejandro Hernández Rentería


Luis Alejandro Hernández Renteria from Mexico, student at the Master´s Programme Serious Games at the University of Skövde, has received the Global Swede Award.

Game students demonstrate new games live on Internet


On May 30th it is time for the students within the Computer Game Development Program at the University of Skövde to present their game projects live on the Internet.

"Sweden has been a springboard for me to launch my dream career"


Five NFGL members studying in Skövde share what it's like, and how studying in Sweden has inspired them to make change in the future.

Strong commitment from the University of Skövde at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco


The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is the world’s biggest conference within computer gaming development, taking place in San Francisco 27 February – 3 March. The University of Skövde is continuing to position itself internationally as part of the Sweden Game Arena cluster and is there to show northern Europe’s broadest, most cutting-edge range of game degree programs.

Researcher from Skövde is defending her doctor’s thesis: Collaboration may strengthen competiveness in rural areas


Is it possible to stimulate informal collaboration between rural companies and local public operators together with associations within the private sector? And can these together strengthen competitiveness for companies locally? These are questions that Lotten Svensson, doctoral student at the University of Skövde, has devoted her research to. The answers are to be provided by her when she defends her doctor’s thesis on Friday 16 December.

Important Research Venture at the University of Skövde within the Area of Open Source


The research environment INFINIT at the University of Skövde is being strengthened by means of a new drive in the area of Open Source. The research project LIM-IT is a four year venture made possible through efforts by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) as well as by participating businesses and involve experts from partners, and researchers within software development, Open Source, organisational theory and intellectual property law.

The University of Skövde inaugurates a record number of professors


The University of Skövde holds an Academic Ceremony in the autumn every other year. This year the ceremony is held on the 7th of October, and no less than ten new professors are to be inaugurated.

The New Honorary Doctor


Åsa Roos is the name of the University of Skövde’s second honorary doctor. Originally from Skaraborg with several years of experience within computer games and the gaming industry, now active as a UX-designer in Canada.

University of Skövde is creating a meeting place for industries of the future


ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena is an environment for innovation aimed at businesses and academia within knowledge-driven industries. The University of Skövde is one of five actors who took the initiative and the aim of the venture is to create world-leading industries.

Research: Role play and computer simulation from Skövde is to”save” Sweden in a major crisis


What would happen if our payment system were to crash? Or if another major crisis were to afflict our economic infrastructure? The answers to these questions will be sought by means of a large-scale research project through role play and computer simulation designed by among others the University of Skövde. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) have given researchers at the School of Informatics the assignment of ascertaining how society can best recover from an IT-incident, natural disaster, political unrest or other threats that would affect the payment system, transportation or food supply in a dramatic way.

ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena: Sweden’s most important meeting place for manufacturing of the future


ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena is an integrated innovation environment which will open in Skövde in 2017. The initiators of this venture are the University of Skövde, Gothia Innovation AB, the Volvo Group, the Volvo Car Corporation, and the Industrial Development Center West Sweden AB.

Research: Anna wants to improve the working conditions of vehicle assemblers


The growing amount of choices that buyers of motor vehicles have been given during the past few years, to customize their vehicles, is positive for the customers, while it causes problems for the vehicle assemblers. But there is a way of facilitating the work and to ease the mental strain of the assemblers. This is shown in the doctor’s thesis that Anna Brolin presented on 2 June. Anna is a PhD student at the School of Engineering Science at the University of Skövde.

Seven students have received The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships to study at the University of Skövde


The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS) are founded by the Swedish Gouvernement to develop good and long lasting relationships, exchanges and networks with people and institutions in other countries. In this year’s application round seven students have received scholarships to study at the University of Skövde. They come from Rwanda, Uganda, Bhutan, Egypt and Russia and will study Master’s programmes in Tumor Biology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biotechnology and Data Science.

Research: Veronica Fornlöf wants to improve the life expectancy of aircraft engines


It was when Veronica Fornlöf began working in the aircraft industry in 2011 that she became interested in aircrafts. It was also in a working capacity that she happened to visit the Air Force Museum in Linköping, the town where she carried out her university studies for the best part of the 2000s. Today the main focus is on the JAS Gripen engine and this particular engine also forms the basis of her research. On 30th May she defended her licentiate thesis at the University of Skövde.

New perspectives from Ethiopia


Thanks to a grant from the Erasmus+ programme Aloysius Nnaji, International Coordinator at the University of Skövde, has spent ten days in Ethiopia. A trip that gave him good contacts, interesting meetings and new perspectives on life.

Japanese interest in the DREAM project


The University of Skövde is today hosting visitors from Japan. The focus is on human-robot interaction research and the DREAM project.

Yang and Pablo wins Volvo's competition Involve


Skövde students Pablo Pareja Ortega and Yang Li have won Volvo Group’s competition called Involve. The prize is a trip to the USA to visit three of Volvo’s operations and one of their partner universities. Pablo who is from Spain and Yang who is from China are both international students studying production engineering in Skövde until the summer of 2016.

Boushra nominated to Global Swede Ceremony 2016


Boushra Dalile, who studies Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind, Brain and Well-Being Master’s Programme at the University of Skövde, has been nominated for the Global Swede Ceremony 2016. The ceremony hosted by representatives from the Swedish Government will be held in Stockholm in May.

Skövde researchers evaluate the restoration of Lake Hornborga


The job seemed tailor-made for researchers at the University of Skövde. That is how the three ecologists felt when they saw that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency was going to evaluate the restoration of Lake Hornborga. Up until September, they will now assess the consequences for birds, plants, and water which the restoration has led to.

Design for everyone using digital human models


Everyone is different, some people are tall and others are short. We have different proportions; two people of the same length probably don’t have legs and arms that are the same length. That is why it is important that a product or work place is designed with diversity in mind, and this is something which is not always done today. Doctoral student Erik Brolin has, together with Chalmers and the University of Skövde and Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics, collaborated in several research projects. In the projects, a computer program has been developed which makes it possible to virtually study if a planned work place or product is suitable for different people.

University in Sweden Game Arena makes its mark at Game Developers Conference 2016


Sweden Game Arena is one of Europe's premier clusters for education, research and business in games. Home to the largest faculty and student body in Northern Europe in the field of games, the University of Skövde is the heart of this cluster. This year, participants at Game Developers Conference (GDC) will have the opportunity to attend four talks presented by representatives from Skövde and two of these are from the University. The University of Skövde also has a sizeable presence in Sweden Game Arena’s Booth 212 at GDC where visitors will be able to learn about research projects, games and two international Master’s degree programmes in Digital Narration and Serious Games.

Research: The Scandinavian model – a success story gone adrift?


Research shows that the Scandinavian model for leadership and organization, with key concepts such as decentralization and delegated responsibility, is a success story for companies. But what is the situation in Swedish companies today? Have the Scandinavian ideas disappeared or are they still around? A research team from the University of Skövde and the University of Borås are going to find out.

Researchers analyze the role of the business developer in health care


During the next three years, researchers at the University of Skövde and the University of Borås will analyze and assess the role of the business developer in health care.

The fruit fly—serving research


In the basement of one of the buildings at the University of Skövde, there is a very small and very important laboratory. Here research is carried out on cancer diseases, fertility, gluten intolerance, and genetic skeleton and muscle diseases. The one in focus in all this research, besides the researchers themselves, is the ordinary fruit fly.

Skövde researchers to make electronic sports more spectator-friendly


What is it that makes electronic sports a positive experience for the spectators—and how can that experience become even greater? A research project at the University of Skövde will give an answer to those questions. The project, partly financed by the Västra Götaland region, is a collaboration between the University and the computer-game company Stunlock Studios as well as two more partners: Tarhead Studio and Folkuniversitetet.

A computer game for raising risk awareness in young children


A research team at the University of Skövde has developed a innovative computer game that increases children’s safety online. The computer game, “Hidden in the zoo” (“Djurparksgömmet” in Swedish), is intended to raise online risk awareness in 8-10 year olds and to decrease the risk of becoming the object of sexual grooming.

Researchers from Skövde speakers at Game Developers Conference


At this year’s edition of Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, two talks will be presented by researchers from the University of Skövde and one talk from Skövde-based developer Coffee Stain Studios.

Study: Biomarkers can contribute to earlier cancer detection


Benjamin Ulfenborg, researcher at the University of Skövde who will publicly defend his doctoral dissertation on February 3, hopes to be able to contribute to an as early detection as possible of cell changes that indicate cancer or a cancer risk. His study aims at finding so called bio markers in order to identify changes in cells that can indicate the development of cancer. “Right now, there’s no immediate clinical use for what I have found. But in the long term, I think that this kind of research will be very important for diagnostics and prognostics—or predictions—of cancer,” says Benjamin who is a doctoral student at the School of Bioscience and associated with the School of Health Sciences at the University of Örebro. The public defense of his doctoral dissertation will take place at the University of Skövde.

Research on game-based learning points towards difficult incongruities


The interest for using computer games in classroom education has grown rapidly in recent years. But, how well do computer games actually work as educational tools? This January, Björn Berg Marklund, a researcher on game-based learning at the University of Skövde, is presenting new findings that aims to answer that question.

Warm Welcome to New International Students


A cold, but happy, group of international students arrived this week. Our new international students come from Germany, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Finland and Lithuania.

Minute of Silence 12:00


EU has invited each of its nations to take part in a minute’s silence at 12 pm Monday November 16th to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. The University of Skövde will participate. The minute of silence will be held at the entrance hall of house G. The flags will be displayed at half-staff during the silence.

The University of Skövde promotes an inclusive partnership with African universities


The University of Skövde, Sweden, in cooperation with the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, is organising a conference on sustainable collaborations between universities in Sweden and Africa, 9th – 10thof November 2015. The conference brings together Swedish and African universities and representatives to discuss specific potential areas of collaboration and the ability to manage these.

Towards a definition of the role of enterprise modeling in the context of business and IT alignment


On July 3rd, Julia Kaidalova, defends her licentiate thesis "Towards a definition of the role of enterprise modeling in the context of business and IT alignment". This licentiate thesis investigates how organizations can use models in the creation of IT-systems for Business development. The framework positions Enterprise Modeling (EM) conceptually in the context of Business and IT Alignment (BITA) and identifies a number of challenges and recommendations. We have asked Julia to describe her research and findings.

International student nominated to Global Swede


Tsimafei Padvitski, a bioinformatics master student at the University of Skövde has been nominated as Global Swede and will be rewarded at an official diploma ceremony hosted by representatives from the Swedish Government held in Stockholm in May.

Sweden Game Arena Makes Major Showing at the Game Developers Conference (GDC)


Sweden Game Arena makes a major showing at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Booth 124 in the North Hall at the Moscone Convention Center will be a vibrating meeting place. One of many activities is the demonstration of The Westport Independent, a new game from Double Zero One Zero that is published by Coffee Stain Studios.

Study implicates HPV as a possible cause of prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is an increasing health concern among males in Sweden, with sexual history as a consistent risk factor. Dr Neha Singh, Post-Doctor at the University of Skövde, recently published an article in Nature Publications that indicates the presence of HPV infection in prostate cancer – and that men in this light could also benefit from HPV vaccine in the future.

Summer Course at Art Hall Combines Game Culture with Art


Computer game development meets fine art when the Valand Academy and the University of Skövde launch their new summer course, located at the Art Hall in Skövde. Together with teachers and international guest speakers, students will explore the relationship between art, play and games.

A warm welcome in a cold Skövde


The international students have now arrived at the University of Skövde. A total of 80 international students are spending the spring in Skövde, and for most of them it is the first time in Sweden. There is a lot of diversity among the students; 25 countries are represented among the students.

Game Writing, Los Angeles & Sweden: The New Frontier of Game Development


LA Game Industry Veteran Speaks at World's First Degree Program for Game Writers, visits Sweden Game Arena

Book Release: Artificial Cognitive Systems


Artificial Cognitive Systems – A Primer is a book recently published by David Vernon, Professor of Informatics at the University of Skövde at MIT Press.

Noel Sharkey Awarded First Honorary Doctorate by the University of Skövde


On the 10th of October, the University of Skövde celebrated the inauguration of five new professors and the conferment of doctoral degrees at an academic ceremony in St. Helen’s church. Prof. Noel Sharkey was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Informatics, the first at the University of Skövde.

Students from the University of Skövde helps build up the new Vasa


The well-knowned Swedish warship Vasa is withering away, and to reaching the goal of preserving the ship for a thousand years it needs to be saved. Students from the University of Skövde have in their master thesis looked into saving the Vasa from deforming even more.

Researchers‘night: How does everything work? The researchers know!


On Friday the 26th of September, between 12:30 and 16:00, the University of Skövde arranges Researchers‘ night together with Balthazar Science Centre in Skövde. The visitors get to experience an interesting mix of experiments, workshops and different activities. The event is free of charge and offers both a science slam and a science fair.

University of Skövde welcomes the world with “Fika”


On Monday afternoon the University of Skövde welcomed about 150 new international students with an introduction. The international students come from about 30 different countries. Most of them are visiting Skövde, and Sweden, for the first time. During the introduction they got a few good advice:

Research project for prevention of online sexual grooming of children


Online “sexual grooming” is the process by which a child is befriended by a would-be abuser in an attempt to gain the child’s confidence and trust. In online interactions, children run the risk of being abused and some contacts may also lead to physical meetings where children can become subject to further abuse. A research group at the University of Skövde is now launching a project with the aim of increasing children’s safety online. The project is being carried out in collaboration with the Change Attitude Foundation.

Plants with a mission to clean the earth and save lives


Arsenic is one of the most abundant substances in the earth’s crust, and can be found everywhere in nature. It is also extremely poisonous to us humans, and long-term exposure can lead to many serious illnesses. Researchers in molecular biology at the University of Skövde have now developed an entirely new type of plant that can absorb and store arsenic – in its roots.

Information to students admitted to the One year Master’s Programme in Biomedicine


The Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet, UKÄ) is a national organization responsible for monitoring quality of education at all Higher Education institutions in Sweden.

Cadmium may lead to breast cancer progression


Cadmium is a known carcinogen. Recent studies by researchers at the University of Skövde and Dominican University of California now show that even very low levels of cadmium may be dangerous and lead to breast cancer progression.

University of Skövde welcomes more international students


In 2014, the number of international students admitted to Swedish Universities increased by 15 percent. The University of Skövde had an increase of 16 percent.

Computer Game Characters Become More Human-like by Gossiping and Lying


Imagine socially intelligent computer game characters with a natural dialogue, human-like in their ways of relating to others, who gossip, manipulate and have their own agendas. New research can make all of this possible, according to a new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg and the University of Skövde.

Continued high performance as the University of Skövde sums up 2013


As the Board of Govenors at the University of Skövde approved the annual report for 2013 last week, they could sum up a year of good results. The University of Skövde has a budget surplus of 30 million Swedish kronor, full production in its educational assignment and research funding won in competition with other researchers have increased by close to 20 percent.

Excellent results in an international assessment of research at the University of Skövde


During 2013, all research and co-production at the University of Skövde were evaluated by international experts, and the results have now been published in a report, ARC13. The research performed at the University of Skövde is deemed as being of high quality in this international comparison.

From China to Skövde – the life as an exchange student begins


In heavy snowfall, The University of Skövde welcomed international students from all over the world. Some of them are here for the first time, others are returning students. In total, the University of Skövde expects 65 exchange students and 20 master students this semester.

analyses manufacturing supply chains using system dynamics and multi-objective optimization


On the 18th of December, Tehseen Aslam successfully presented and defended his PhD thesis at the University of Skövde. His research analyses manufacturing supply chains using system dynamics and multi-objective optimization.

Internationalization: The University of Skövde visits South Korea


An important part of the University of Skövde’s internationalization process, is to develop new and attractive exchange agreements with foreign universities. Currently, the University of Skövde has 90 such agreements in thirty countries. And soon, there may be more. Vice-Chancellor Sigbritt Karlsson and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Afrouz Behboudi will travel to South Korea to explore the possibilities of cooperation with several South Korean universities.

Education quality: The University of Skövde shares fifth place in national quality evaluations


The mid-term result of the large quality evaluation of the country’s higher education programmes, by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, puts the University of Skövde in fifth place alongside the University of Gothenburg. The two universities place themselves just after Linköping University, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet and Chalmers. "Especially noteworthy is that the University of Skövde shows up among the older universities," writes report author and Professor Mats Ericson.

The University of Skövde wins Volvo Cars Technology Award 2013


Researchers from the University of Skövde received Volvo Cars Technology Award 2013 last week. The project which received the prize, Holistic Simulation Optimization (HPO), is a collaborative project between Volvo Cars and the University of Skövde, and has been running since 2008. Case studies performed at Volvo Cars constitute the basis for the project.

Disputation - Simulations explain your thoughts


Cognitive science has during the last few decades focused, to a large extent, on explanations of cognition as grounded in the body. Henrik Svensson’s dissertation shows how it is possible to explain higher level cognitive abilities as simulated actions and perceptions. It also introduces the hypothesis that dreams during childhood, among other things, has a function in assisting the brain in developing the ability to create simulations that could be used in the waking state.

International 3D company chooses the University of Skövde


Pilgway, an international company at the forefront of 3D technology, is investing in academic game development worldwide with its innovative 3D software. Now the company has chosen to collaborate with the University of Skövde –with software worth approximately SEK 360 000.

Game Based Learning - Open Lecture


Welcome to a lecture about Game Based Learning. What are the profits? Why is it not used more often? How do we overcome the obstacles?

Researchers' Night at the University of Skövde


The University organises Researchers' Night (sw: ForskarFredag) on Friday, 27 September 2013.

Skövde student awarded with the Promise Prize 2013


Charlotta Zelander Bävholm won the Promise Prize in 2013 for her thesis on the characters of e-learning games for high school students.

Lena Mårtensson is the new Pro Vice-Chancellor


Lena Mårtensson, assistant professor at the University of Skövde, has been appointed by the board to the position as Pro Vice-Chancellor.

International experts evaluate the research at the university


The university’s research is greater than ever. Currently there are 97 active researchers who has a turnover of 93 million SEK. During this week 22 international experts gathers at the university to evaluate the research from an international perspective.

Alumnus won USD1, 4 million in a computer game tournament


The Swedish team The Alliance won more than $1,4 in the international computer game championship in USA.

A hypnotic suggestion can generate true and automatic hallucinations


A multidisciplinary group of researchers from University of Skövde, Sweden and University of Turku and University of Helsinki, Finland has found evidence that hypnotic suggestion can modify processing of a targeted stimulus before it reaches consciousness.

University of Skövde docent receives IMDA awards in Taiwan


IMDA awards University of Skövde docent, Desalegn Abraha Gebrekidan in Taiwan.

The University of Skövde acclaimed proficient pedagogues


On Thursday, May 30, a total of eight teachers at the University of Skövde received an acknowledgment of their educational excellence.

The University’s rector may be this year's Public Director


The rector of the University of Skövde, Sigbritt Karlsson, has been nominated to the award "Public Director of the Year". The award ceremony takes place on 29th of May in Stockholm.

Master Student from the University received a diploma


On April 29, 24 outstanding students recieved a diploma from the Swedish Secretary of Commerce Ewa Björling, for their choise to choose Sweden as a destination for their master studies.

The University of Skövde receives a top ranking in an annual environmental report


The University of Skövde has gone from a low position to one of the top ranked universities in the Environmental Protection Agency's annual report, "Environmental management in central government agencies".

Swap a book for the environment


On Saturday, March 23d, at 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm it is Earth Hour around the globe – and at the University of Skövde. This year the theme is "I will if you will" – a challenge that extends beyond the hour.

Momo’s battle of time becomes exhibition game


Student’s from the University of Skövde are about to create a computer game based on the book “Momo, or the strange story of the time-thieves and the child who brought the stolen time back to people” by Michael Ende.

Possible future collaboration within the field of computer game development


On Tuesday, 26th of February, the University of Skövde received a visit from Dr. Christian Kennett from the School of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster.

Researchers in Skövde participate in EU flagship project


Researchers at the University of Skövde participate in the Human Brain Project. The project is a multimillion research investment from the EU, where over 80 different institutions work together to map the human brain.

Per Anders Östblad received the University of Skövde diversity scholarship


Per Anders Östblad received the 2012 diversity Scholarship at the University of Skövde. He received the award for his essay that studies how computer games can be used as aids for the visually impaired.

The University of Skövde's largest conference so far will be held next year


It is now official; in November 2013 the Swedish Society of Nursing will hold a conference on hospital placement training in Skövde. It will be the largest Conference that the University of Skövde has hosted so far.

Lecture with Wallström: Women in Conflicts


Margot Wallström, the former Swedish Minister of Culture, Minister of Social Affairs, Deputy Civil Minister, EU Commissioner, EU’s Environment Commissioner and last but not least the First Vice-President of the European Union Commission under President José Manuel Barroso. Margot Wallström will lecture at The University of Skövde on the topic “When women become weapons in the world and everyday conflicts” on Tuesday December 11th, 2012.

Nobeltillställning på Högskolan i Skövde


In conjunction with Nobel Day 2012, The University of Skövde organizes and hosts a Nobel celebration this Thursday December 6th. Three experts will present and discuss this year’s Nobel Prize works in literature, medicine and chemistry.

The University of Skövde continues to welcome international researchers, this time from Brazil


Two Brazilian researchers have been selected to join a team of their peers at The University of Skövde in order to further study the correlation between academia and industry as well as information security systems research.

International alumni reunion after ten years


Last month 18 former international students gathered for a reunion in Skövde. They wanted to celebrate that ten years have passed since they first arrived on campus at the University of Skövde as international exchange students in 2002.

Professorial Inaugurations at the University of Skövde


In the spirit of upholding traditions and celebrating academics, the University of Skövde held a grand professorial inaugurations reception this past Friday, the 12th of October, at the St Helena Church, one of Skövde’s historical hotspots.