Boushra nominated to Global Swede Ceremony 2016


Boushra Dalile, who studies Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind, Brain and Well-Being Master’s Programme at the University of Skövde, has been nominated for the Global Swede Ceremony 2016. The ceremony hosted by representatives from the Swedish Government will be held in Stockholm in May.

Each year the University of Skövde nominates an international student as Global Swede. This year, that student is Boushra Dalile. The Global Swede will function as a link between Sweden and the student's home country and becomes a valuable representative for both the University of Skövde and Sweden. An official diploma ceremony hosted by representatives from the Swedish Government is held in Stockholm in May.

"Boushra is currently working on her Master thesis in Cognitive Neuroscience, a field only partially related to her undergraduate background (which was in Psychology more generally). Having spent the autumn term gaining theoretical mastery of the sorts of knowledge required to succeed in this endeavor, she is now in the middle of its practical implementation. In essence, this means not only bringing her understanding of a specific sub-field up to the current cutting edge, but also to make all the various practical pieces of the investigations – things like programming stimulus material, handling a large number of research participants, independently analyzing the recorded data, etc. – all fit together. This is a process made all the more impressive by the fact that Boushra is doing it relatively single-handedly; although she receives supervision, her work is not tied to any ongoing research project, but is her own initiative and design. Despite the significant additional burden this entails for her as a student, her progress so far has been exemplary, and we look forward to seeing her final experimental results", says Oskar McGregor, senior lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Skövde.

The Global Swede will hopefully become an important connection for Swedish trade and industry in the future. The nominated student from the University of Skövde, as well as Global Swede nominees from other universities, will be invited to an official ceremony in Stockholm to receive the Global Swede diploma.

Boushra Dalile.