Excellent results in an international assessment of research at the University of Skövde


During 2013, all research and co-production at the University of Skövde were evaluated by international experts, and the results have now been published in a report, ARC13. The research performed at the University of Skövde is deemed as being of high quality in this international comparison.

The overall aim of the evaluation, known as ARC13 (Assessment of Research and Co-production 2013), is to develop the research fields at the universities involved. Five panels of international experts in research and co-production have assessed the research areas at the University of Skövde based on seven criteria.

– The ARC13 report highlights both strengths and limitations, which is natural in all long-term quality management processes. The relatively few areas where improvements are needed can be found within the two newly established research centers. Whilst moving towards becoming a more research-intensive university, it is important to have an assessment performed by independent experts, says Sigbritt Karlsson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Skövde

– The results of the evaluation have been very positive and demonstrate that our research does compare on a high international level - and in several areas an excellent level. ARC 13 is a perfect tool for us to showcase our top-notch research and also a way for us to identify the areas where we have great potential in the future. The report, awards us with the highest rating in several areas when compared with research presented at larger and older universities, says Sigbritt Karlsson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Skövde.