Information to students admitted to the One year Master’s Programme in Biomedicine


The Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet, UKÄ) is a national organization responsible for monitoring quality of education at all Higher Education institutions in Sweden.

The Swedish Government has laid down a qualification descriptor for each qualification awarded by the higher education institutions and thus the UKÄ assesses to what extent the learning outcomes achieved by the students correspond to the intended learning outcomes and a great weight is placed on the students´ independent projects. The evaluations are carried out in four-year cycles and this year; all biomedicine programmes in Sweden have been evaluated. The results from the evaluation showed that most of the biomedicine programmes in Sweden need to improve the quality insurance system and the targets in the qualification descriptors are grouped under three headings, or forms of knowledge:

• Knowledge and understanding
• Competence and skills
• Judgement and approach

In Skövde, a total of 18 randomly chosen master thesis works were evaluated on the learning outcomes. Some of the independent works at University of Skövde that was evaluated showed very high quality, some of them high quality and a few failed in the learning outcomes. Our quality assurance system will be monitored during one year and re-evaluated for the different criteria. We are now in the progress of developing a good strategy and an action plan to improve our quality insurance system to address the issues raised in the evaluation process and to ensure that all master student reports are excellent quality for all learning outcomes.

As a student at this programme, your studies will not be affected by the monitoring process as the outcome of the analysis is mainly for the University to use the result to warrant good quality of your education programme.

If you wish to learn more about the process and the monitoring system, please visit:

If you have further questions, you are warmly welcome to contact the programme director Sandra Karlsson.