International 3D company chooses the University of Skövde


Pilgway, an international company at the forefront of 3D technology, is investing in academic game development worldwide with its innovative 3D software. Now the company has chosen to collaborate with the University of Skövde –with software worth approximately SEK 360 000.

– We are happy that Pilgway contributes to our computer game development at the University of Skövde with the software 3D Coat. This provides our students with the opportunity to use the latest technology. When it comes to computer game technology, we are currently the only university in Sweden that Pilgway collaborates with, says Marcus Landén Wärja, lecturer at the University of Skövde.

3D-Coat software from Pilgway is used primarily in the production of 3D models for computer games, but also in related fields such as film and entertainment. The software is on the cutting edge of 3D graphics.

– Here at Pilgway we have been eagerly supporting academic institutions and Universities worldwide by providing their students with access to the versatile tools we have available in 3D-Coat. It is our pleasure to cooperate with the University of Skövde. Their vivid support and active use of modern informational technologies, are all beneficial to students and the educational progress in general, says Andrew Shpagin, the Lead Programmer of 3D-Coat. 

Computer game students at the University of Skövde will have access to 3D-Coat at the turn of 2013/2014. Collaborative projects such as these are important for all institutions, including the University of Skövde. Private contributors may then, through their products, help students gain access to the latest technology even before the student hits the work market.


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