Kävrestad’s book wins SISA award


Congratulations to Joakim Kävrestad, Lecturer in Information Technology at the University of Skövde, who has won the 2019 SISA Educational Award for his textbook.

Joakim Kävrestad won the award for his latest textbook, Fundamentals of Digital Forensics (published by Springer). The award is given by the Swedish Academy for Information Systems, SISA. This is a prestigious competition to which all HEIs in Sweden offering informatics studies submit their best educational innovations for evaluation. Entries can range from innovative course literature to different ways of organising courses. Following the judges' deliberation, it was announced that Joakim's book, Fundamentals of Digital Forensics, was this year's winner.

- I'm delighted to have won this award, and I think it's great for my book to have been recognised in this way", says Joakim Kävrestad.

What makes your book different to the other course literature in this subject, and what was your inspiration for writing it?

- I was unable to find literature that I needed for a course, so this was the reason that I began to write textbooks. In contrast to other books, this textbook is more narrative in style, and includes examples from real-life events.

Having previously worked as a digital forensic investigator for the Swedish Police Authority, Joakim Kävrestad has acquired extensive knowledge and experience of the field of digital forensics. This background has provided him with a wide range of incidents and work situations that he can use as examples.

- I also think that it's of great educational value for me to be able to work in the classroom using material I have written myself. It fits the study plan, it helps provide the best conditions for the course, it is relevant, and of course it is beneficial to use examples drawn from my own experience.

Fundamentals of Digital Forensics.