Lecture with Wallström: Women in Conflicts


Margot Wallström, the former Swedish Minister of Culture, Minister of Social Affairs, Deputy Civil Minister, EU Commissioner, EU’s Environment Commissioner and last but not least the First Vice-President of the European Union Commission under President José Manuel Barroso. Margot Wallström will lecture at The University of Skövde on the topic “When women become weapons in the world and everyday conflicts” on Tuesday December 11th, 2012.

The UN Secretary-General, appointed Margot Wallström in 2010 as the Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflicts, a mission which she completed in May 2012. Part of her assignment was to implement the UN resolution 1820 by means of appropriate strategies and steps for ending the use and abuse of women as empowering weapons in times of war and conflict. She stated "long after the guns fall silent, the consequences of rape remain" and emphasized on the urgency that conflict-related sexual violence no longer stays unreported, unspoken or unpunished.

Students and staff: The lecture will start at 2:15 pm (11th of December) at the University of Skövde, building D, room D105. Free entrance. Arrive in good time for the lecture.