Momo’s battle of time becomes exhibition game


Student’s from the University of Skövde are about to create a computer game based on the book “Momo, or the strange story of the time-thieves and the child who brought the stolen time back to people” by Michael Ende.

The game will be a part of the exhibition "In tune with the times", which opens in Kristianstad autumn 2014.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund granted the Regional Museum in Kristianstad 2 243 000 crowns (approximately 256 900 EUR) on February 20. The funding will be used for the new exhibition project "In tune with the times" which is dealing with various aspects of the concept of time.

The Inheritance Fund's decision was important for the University of Skövde. Students from the Computer Game Programme at the University will create a computer game and sound installations that are specially designed for the exhibition. The game will be based on the book "Momo". Sound installations are to be installed in the room for philosophy, where visitors can reflect on time.

- A prototype of the computer game is currently being developed. In collaboration with young people from Kristianstad a master's student from the University work on the sound installation at this very moment. Once the sound installation is done, several of our computer game students will further develop the prototype, says Anders Sjölin, Lecturer in Media, Aesthetics and Storytelling at the University of Skövde.

The exhibition "In tune with the times" is scheduled to open in autumn 2014. Thenceforth the exhibition will show around Sweden.