New Method Can Reduce Maintenance Costs by 40 percent


Industry production can be complicated and many factors are in play, for example, when some machines stop working. But a better decision support system, where multiple sources of information are taken into account, can make a difference when summing up the costs. In his PhD dissertation in Information Technology at the University of Skövde, Bernard Schmidt has studied a model that can lead to reductions in maintenance costs.

In his research, Schmidt has collected data from a number of different systems, and studied the effects of a systematic maintenance approach. His method has collected information from ball bar measurement, the maintenance system, and information from the controls of the tool machines. Thereafter, the method was tested using simulations, specifically in linear axles from a variety of similar multiple operation machines.
– The linear axles of the machines are very important as their performance directly affects the produced product, says Bernard Schmidt, and continues:
– This approach is more quantitative than the most commonly used ones. This method enables the industries to evaluate the outcomes of different maintenance decisions in a better way.

Reduced maintenance costs

Having access to more information for maintenance through the method developed by Bernard Schmidt is significant. Not the least from a financial perspective.
– The results indicate that it is possible to save up to 40% on maintenance costs.
Bernard Schmidt presents his dissertation at the University of Skövde on May 21. The dissertation opens the door for future research; there is definitely more to explore.
– There is definitely more research to do in the field after the conclusion of this study. For example, it would be interesting to test the method on other types of machines in the production industry.