New Research May Lead to Faster Product Development


When developing new products there are usually an array of specifications to be met. For example, maximum measurements, weight, and shape. The challenge is often how to optimize one specification without compromising another. Until now. Through his research and model, Kaveh Amouzgar has found a way of combining virtual simulations and calculations to find the best solution.

Kaveh Amouzgar's research is focused on the early stages in the production, right at the creation phase. The new part is that his model can take several goals into consideration simultaneously. In addition, it makes more manual calculations automatised through what is known as meta-modelling.

Produces a solid foundation without physical prototypes

In Amouzgar's model, a carefully conducted virtual calculation by an engineer can be duplicated automatically over and over. The result is several efficient alternatives for the design of the product. Very fast. And, as we know, time is money.
– Decision makers can use the model to make the right decisions quickly, based on very solid information, without having to produce a physical prototype or performing physical experiments. It is cost effective on multiple levels, says Kaveh Amouzgar, who presented his thesis on May 25.
– I feel very good. It has been a long journey, through thick and thin. I am delighted to finally have reached my goal.

Kaveh Amouzgar

Kaveh Amouzgar.

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