The University of Skövde celebrates Nobel Day 2012


In conjunction with Nobel Day 2012, The University of Skövde organizes and hosts a Nobel celebration this Thursday December 6th. Three experts will present and discuss this year’s Nobel Prize works in literature, medicine and chemistry.

Hallucinatory Realism combines tales, past and present

Stefan Ekman, lecturer in media, esthetics and narration, will discuss the literature prize which was awarded this year to the Chinese writer Mo Yan by the Swedish Academy on his outstanding work in combining fantasy and reality spiced up with historical and contemporary angles.

Reprogrammed Cells

Pr. Karin Klinga Levan will explain more about the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine which was shared this year together by to two researchers; Shinya Yamanaka from Japan and John B. Gurdon from England; for their outstanding findings concerning cell reprogramming. They have discovered that mature cells can be reprogrammed to resemble the versatile cells of a very early embryo which in turn can become body tissues.

Smart Receptors on Cell Surfaces

It is no less than The University of Skövde's own rector, Sigbritt Karlsson, who will give us a glimpse of this year's chemistry prize winners. The two American researchers; Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka; have provided ground-breaking discoveries that reveal the inner workings of cell receptors and how they sense and adapt to their environment.

The public is welcome to come and take an inside peak on how Nobel Prize winners work thanks to our own experts at The University of Skövde.

Time: Thursday, December 6 at. 18:00 to 19:30. Welcome to mingle @ 17:30
Place: The University of Skövde, Building D, Room D105
Free admission. Welcome!

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