Professorial Inaugurations at the University of Skövde


In the spirit of upholding traditions and celebrating academics, the University of Skövde held a grand professorial inaugurations reception this past Friday, the 12th of October, at the St Helena Church, one of Skövde’s historical hotspots.

The culminating point of the ceremony was the official appointment of Pr. Afrouz Behboudi specializing in Biomedicine; Pr. Ilona Heldal specializing in Computer Science and Pr. Vessela Misheva specializing in Social Psychology. They were then sworn in by Rector Sigbritt Karlsson whom commended their work and welcomed them to the University of Skövde.

The inauguration ceremony as well as the inaugural lectures by the newly appointed professors were open to the public and were attended by many of the University's students and staff. Dean Anne Persson welcomed the newly-appointed professors to the educational corps of the university while Priest Ingrid "Ninni" Wikström applauded their achievements and reflected on the importance of daring to seek knowledge. Katarina Jonsson, Chairman of both Skaraborg's Municipal Association and Skövde's City Council, explained during her closing statement the essential place and the special meaning that holds the University of Skövde for the entire Skaraborg's region.
All presents during the ceremony were then invited to House Boulogner for a few moments of mingling together in a more casual setting.

New professors