Researchers in Skövde participate in EU flagship project


Researchers at the University of Skövde participate in the Human Brain Project. The project is a multimillion research investment from the EU, where over 80 different institutions work together to map the human brain.

Recently, it became clear that The Human Brain Project will be one of the European Union's major flagships within the area of research. In the next ten years the EU will invest billions in the project. The goal is to solve one of modern science's greatest challenges: understanding the human brain.

The University of Skövde plays a small but significant role in this extensive project. Tom Ziemke, a Professor of Cognitive Science at the University, and his team are involved in mapping and gathering of research data.

The goal of the Human Brain Project is to build the informatics, modeling and supercomputing technologies needed to simulate and understand the human brain.

The project unites over 80 different research institutions in Europe and will continue until 2023.