Researchers‘night: How does everything work? The researchers know!


On Friday the 26th of September, between 12:30 and 16:00, the University of Skövde arranges Researchers‘ night together with Balthazar Science Centre in Skövde. The visitors get to experience an interesting mix of experiments, workshops and different activities. The event is free of charge and offers both a science slam and a science fair.

Researchers’ night is the EU commission’s initiative and the whole of Europe holds the event on the same day. 31 Swedish cities offers the event, and it is the third time it takes place at the University of Skövde. During this year’s event several researchers display their research.

– Researchers‘ night is about openness, availability and most of all the excitement with exploring. There is amazing research here at the University of Skövde and we want to show the visitors that researchers are normal people with very interesting jobs, says Maria Kvarnmarker, communications officer at the University of Skövde.

One of the researchers taking part of Researchers‘ night is Alexander Karlsson, a senior lecturer in computer science at the University of Skövde. His main area is research concerning infofusion, a topic that will be presented to the public on the science fair.

– Researchers‘night offers something for all ages. For example we will show a simulated environment for technical support for the elderly, a station where you can see how dirty your smartphone is and we will also show you how to make computer games available for people with visual impairment, says Maria Kvarnmarker. 


Day: Friday the 26th of September 2014
Time: kl. 12.30–16.00
Place: University of Skövde, Building G

Full program (in Swedish)

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