Student association wants to environmentally enlight and inspire


Ida Winter is a third year student at the programme Bioscience - Biological Resources and Sustainable Development. Just before the summer, Ida and four other students started the association NATRIX, where Ida is now president. It is an association for students with the purpose of spreading knowledge about sustainable development and environmental issues. The association now has 50 members and is a subordination to the Student Union at the University of Skövde.

Even though the association NATRIX is new, they already have had a sustainability breakfast together with Drivhuset, the local organisation to inspire students to entrepreneurship. The local community is an important part of the students life in Skövde, therefore the association also wants to influence and collaborate with local actors.

– We have a partnership with the local supermarket ICA Norrmalm, where we take care of fruit and vegetables that have not been sold due to outward damage. The breakfast we arranged was about entrepreneurship and food business. The next event organized by the association for all students is a Flea Market and Swap-Clothes-Day at the University at the end of October, says Ida Winter.

Ida Winter, chairman, NATRIX 2017Ida Winter, NATRIX president.

In the long run, the association also wants to influence the University's activities to become more environmentally sustainable. Perhaps the restaurants in the area could encourage lunch guests to bring their own food box instead of receiving a one-time plastic box every day. Or to plant fruit trees on campus or choose a meatless dish occasionally, if you do not already do it.

– We look forward to the work ahead and we have many ideas about what we could achieve for a more environmentally sustainable university and student life. Imagine if everyone brought their own coffee cup when they bought coffee in the cafeteria, then we would not need so many disposable cups.


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NATRIX Facebook page

On the 29th of October, NATRIX organizes a Flea Market and Swap-Clothes-Day. More information on NATRIX Facebook page.


Ida Winter,